Five Steps To A More Peaceful Existence

A peaceful existence should be everyone’s objective, but it’s easy to forget about this goal among our daily challenges. While reaching this goal takes dedication and action, our five steps to a more peaceful existence are rewarding – and even fun – in and of themselves! Do them as part of your routine and you’ll find your life feeling much more peaceful, and your interactions with the world easier to manage.


Simplify Your Life

Cleaning out your surroundings can bring peace and make it easier to focus on what really matters. It starts with small steps, like taking a few minutes a week to declutter your workspace or the room in which you’re sitting. Many people find that an ordered space brings order to their mind, too, which in turn leads to clarity.

Decluttering, minimalism, and “finding joy” in every object are all great tactics for cleaning out your physical space, but simplification can also take place in the mind. Just before sleeping, write down what’s on your mind or weighing heavily on your heart – the things that make you happy, sad, angry, etc. When you wake up, revisit the list and separate the items by what you can control and what you can’t. Let go of the things out of your control, both physically and mentally. It can take some time, but if you make it a part of your routine, you’ll find your mind is weighed down by much less!


Express Gratitude More Often

Living peacefully means acknowledging and accepting the many positive things that happen during the day. When something positive happens, say a small thank-you. It could be a kind word from a stranger, a fortune turn from the universe, or even waking up feel more empowered. No matter what the circumstance, expressing gratitude will make you feel more positive and help you accept the kindnesses of everyday life. 


Work Towards Peace of Mind

One can attain a more peaceful existence when the spirit is considered just as important as physical and mental well-being. This begins with quieting the mind, and while it can take some time, making it a part of your routine will help you achieve it. Meditation, yoga, and other slow mental and physical exercises can harmonize your body’s vibrations, which you can consciously emanate outward from your heart to your external environment. Mentally chanting a mantra or affirmative message can send energy up from the heart and to your third eye. As you strengthen the movement of energy through your body, you’ll feel more divine light flowing through your body. 


Attune Your Energies To Those Around You

The flow of energy is key to a more peaceful existence, and what you start in your mind can continue in your cells. Add monatomic elements to your routine to turn your cells into “superconductors” that help increase the flow of light throughout your chakras. This energy will flow in the shape of a torus, and as the torus expands and surrounds the body, this subtle field of electromagnetic energy will connect you with fields that surround others and the earth as a whole!

A good practice is grounding or earthing. Grounding involves doing activities that reconnect you to the earth’s electromagnetic field. It’s easy and inexpensive, too – walking barefoot outside is all you need to do!


Practice Proper Breathing

Breathing is something we take for granted, because, well, it’s something we do in our sleep! But there are incorrect ways to breathe, and most people have developed shallow breathing patterns. A lack of air can exacerbate existing anxieties and stresses, make it harder to think clearly, and even decrease immune function. 

To counteract the effects of poor breathing, practice “belly breathing.” This technique brings air down toward the belly, and as the diaphragm contracts, it expands to fill the lungs with air. It’s efficient because it pulls the lungs downward, creating negative pressure inside the chest and bringing air into the lungs.