Our Dedication to Human Ascension

Ascension – as•cen•sion – the act of rising to a higher level

Raising the Spiritual Evolution Along with a Technological Evolution Simultaneously.

Our goal is to develop technologies that change the way people look at the world. Technology is stuck in a web of bureaucracy and resource scarcity. In order to ascend from our current situation, we have to first address these issues. As long as we remain so heavily burdened, development will also continue to be burdened.

Institutional power over science and technology, is causing the entire world to suffer. We watch commercials on television, which ask us to sponsor third world children. They need food; they need medicine. They need clean water to drink. All of this is true, except for the “philanthropy” which these organizations present to people as an opportunity to help, is severely misguided.

Let’s take a minute to think through an example. You are watching television and see a commercial for a “lifesaving vaccine”. For “x” amount of money, you can help save a child from the specific affliction depicted in the advertisement. Now step back and think about that for a moment. Not only does the company possess the vaccine, but also the money to pay for extremely expensive advertisements to persuade you to pay for it. Would it not be easier to simply use the ad money to distribute the vaccine? Or even better, simply divulge to those in need how to make their own? When you flip your thinking like this, it’s very easy to see where the money is actually going!

change the world

We’re here to tell you that non-profits and other socialistic methods of “helping people” will usually fail in the long run. It goes back to the “give a man a fish/ teach a man to fish” proverb. Would we rather pay for North American doctors to administer medications in 3 rd world countries, or share with those countries knowledge and resources that would allow them to permanently elevate their quality of life to the point where they can provide for themselves? Train their own doctors and purchase medicine as they need it.

When you do business with Monatomic Orme, you can be assured that you are contributing to resources that will be used to better the world. We are not only developing products to increase the physical, intellectual, and spiritual well-being of our customers, but a new form of energy generation that will change the world. There is no possible way to take care of struggling regions on a plate-by-plate, needle-by needle basis.

The Searl Effect Generator, once on the market, will allow underdeveloped countries to rapidly develop and catch up to the rest of us. It will allow communities that are far away from traditional resources to have energy in abundance, for a one-time, affordable price. Not only that, but in developed countries, the cost of energy will be practically zero. Imagine if for a couple hundred dollars you could power your house forever! Imagine, if all of the factories which are burning resources by the ton to keep up with our industrial needs could be powered with no variable cost! AND no pollution or resource diminishment.

Remember, we are less than 1/6 of our time in the Age of Energy. Advancement in abundance is at our door-step. But to truly experience it, we need the resources available in abundance to individuals and private operations.

The world today is much too dependent on establishment. It’s crazy to even think about the ratio of attention and effort that is put towards entertainment as opposed to personal development and leadership selection. The elections do draw some crowds (especially in 2016!), but after the dust settles are people paying attention to the world around them and how it operates? Not really. We are putting 100% faith in leadership and heading off to the proverbial baseball game.


Ascension figure

When we talk about a spiritual revolution, we’re talking about making more with our lives. Everyday people are “waking up” and seeing the world around them for what it really is. We live in a world of wonder, and uncovered knowledge. It’s just so hard to see from under the burden we all carry with our current life-styles. The education system teaches people to be workers, not thinkers. We are still destined to experience a significant awakening in the near future. People are starting to realize the world around them for what it really is. The spiritual revolution is to embrace that awakening and better yourself and everyone around you. To be free of societal shackles and embrace a higher understanding of religion that embraces them all. A higher respect for ourselves as angelic spirits capable of any measure of wonder. This and much more is very possible and within our grasp.

We are just now on the cusp of major change! Everything is in flux. This is the time of opportunity! Right now. All you have to do is open your mind to the vast limitlessness of the creation around you. Understand it, then tap right into it. Learn to tap your torus into the world, universe, god and everyone around you. By doing so you let go of shackles and start to become what you really are. A divine being and incarnation of light, electricity, magnetism and matter manifested by consciousness, Life and god, the universe and the smallest pieces of matter all bound up in this body and life of possibilities.

The trouble is most people don’t know this. They need help finding out how amazing they really are. Well that what we are here for. We are here to help. We are here to help you wake up to your full potential. We are also going to provide you with technology to help. Electrons and atoms, here for your use and service.

We are happy to help!