The Benefits of C60 on Overall Health & Wellness

C60 is a very powerful antioxidant that has a unique structure made up of 60 carbon molecules. This unusual shape helps it neutralize the by-products of cellular breakdowns called free radicals. These reactive molecules create oxidative stress, as is the root cause of inflammation, injures sensitive tissue, and leads to a wide variety of diseases. 

While the creation of free radicals is natural in small amounts, if it becomes out of control, its effects on the body can be very dangerous. This is because they harm the DNA, mitochondria, membrane, and other important parts of your cell. The damage also creates chain reactions that turn into inflammation that corrodes tissue. Researchers say that these free radicals may contribute to the development of many different health conditions and that C60 could be the supplement to stop the potential for chain reactions and their effects.

The Antioxidant Power Of C60

Runaway inflammation can lead to many different diseases. By itself, it's not always bad, and inflammation acts as an important response to damaged tissue. The body uses it to eliminate damaged cells, clear out damaged and necrotic tissue, and begin repairs. However, inflammation should go away on its own, and when the body doesn't "turn off" the inflammatory response, it starts hurting the tissue instead of healing it. The effects include weakened tissue, the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, and chronic pain and illnesses.

The unique characteristics of C60 molecules neutralize free radicals and prevent inflammation for going too far. C60 gains a positive charge by absorbing protons, and research shows that this, combined with its ball shape made up of 60 carbon molecules, allows C60 to access the mitochondria and counterbalance free radicals. They strengthen the cell's ability to create energy and decreases the production of oxidative molecules that harm healthy cells.

The Anti-Disease, Anti-Cancer, And Longevity Properties Of C60

Because it's a potent fighter of free radicals, C60 helps decrease the inflammatory response, and this makes it a great anti-disease supplement, reducing inflammation that triggers many health issues. Some of the problems that are caused by inflammation include neurodegenerative disorders, heart disease, autoimmune problems like arthritis, and even types of cancer. Research has shown that C60 has even improved longevity in cells!


C60 has been shown to stimulate the immune system in an anti-cancer way. Researchers have found that it can help stop the growth of cancer-causing cells and repair any cellular damage from free radicals. By stimulating the production of immune cells like white blood cells (also known as lymphocytes), it can play an important role in fighting off infections and even preventing the formation of tumour cells.

C60 even may be able to improve longevity and reduce premature signs of ageing! By protecting the mitochondria, this antioxidant can increase the lifespan of our cells and bodies as a whole. Healthier cells that are protected from the ravages of free radicals do what they're supposed to do - provide your body with energy and carry out their functions. The longer they do this without free radical interference, the longer we can enjoy healthy lives!