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  1. Brandon De Luz

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Amazing product!

  2. musicislove888

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Copper

    I’ve tried both the monatomic gold and copper and would highly recommend. I noticed a difference in my overall mental dexterity and clarity. I also noticed a difference in my emotional body, it’s as if the gold has adaptogenic properties that helped me to feel more emotionally balanced and calm whist also being more alert. 10/10 would definitely recommend

  3. Jere Hamlin (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Great product, very good grade compared to other products I tried. I like the potency of the product. The first time I used it, my forehead started to tingle. I use it before meditation and it really helps. Thanks.

  4. jcnightlighter (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Firstly, I currently don’t have the time to give this fine product the kudos it deserves. I currently use it on a daily basis, and it has a profound effect on my thought process and energy levels. I find myself doing mathematical equations without any thought to them and I would struggle a bit with them before. Also, being a musician, my compositions have progressed to a more complex level that pleases me greatly. I can’t say enough about the positive benefits of Monoatomic gold. Everyone should try this.Thank you, John

  5. fiddlergordon72 (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Sensu Being

    Works like a charm. Back in April of 2020, I was suffering from Hemoroids and plus I had issues with autoimmune in the genital area. After taking two seperate orders, the issues are gone now. Plus my pre diabetes issues are gone. I still moderate on sugar issues. I drink fruit juices with water 1/2 and 1/2. Last year I ordered my product called mono atomic gold, it reversed certain medical complications then in 2018. I gained 52 lbs after smoking for 28 years. I am smoke free for 3.5 x years since a minor stroke in July 2017. I will continue to order stuff from here because it works. Also others have mentioned I don’t look 48. Most have greys at my age. I am told I look in my mid 30’s. So the anti aging in these products work.

  6. hwaves11 (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Silver

    If you want an even better way to ingest Silver as in Colloidial Silver beyond 10 ppm as sold over the counter for all sorts of things, viruses bacteria, even back in the 1800’s they sold Colloidial Silver but the benefits of this are long lost, doctors making house calls back then used to prescribe…now this version with Monoatomic is 1000000 x better, its micro particles & gets into the body & system & works like magic, for just health maintenance, immune boosting enhancement & does too many cures to list if you are battling any ailments. During this COVID19 stream globally, this would be an incredible element to take for daily immune boosting benefits. It targets viruses and bacterial invasions among so many other things LOVE THIS PRODUCT

  7. hwaves11 (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Indium

    Its amazing stuff, I love it, its a very very powerful mineral & its the fountain of youth in rejuvenation of the body like a back in time reset button. cant go wrong ever using this product!!

  8. agginara (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic M3

    I have been taking M3 for 2 months now and I can say that I experience less ups and downs.
    I feel it will give me a good and smooth emotional world experience in time.
    I am looking forward to become a balanced person, thanks to you! Thank you.

  9. zero_point_super_conductor (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Balance

    I ordered monoatomic balance in January 2020. I have deterioration in my L2 & L3, last November my L2 cracked. Since finding my dose of balance (5 drops), my health has increased greatly. A walk to friend’s house took 15 minutes now under 5. I am able to work out again and have lost a good amount of weight with no change in diet and just walking. After my L2 fused, I am once again able to use the ab wheel and my mid section is getting back to form. To be honest I started forming up before the ab wheel. It was strange seeing abs form (just indentations) with no exercise as I lost weight. My thought process is so fast I deal with events/situations 30-90 seconds. I am active in 2 community art studios. My work has improved to where it was in college and is progressing very well. Other aspects of my life have benefitted as well. I am no social butterfly by any means, but for some odd reason I am now getting plenty of attention from really beautiful women. My mind no longer races. I do suffer from STSD, bi polar and depression. But since taking balance my mind has calmed down to where I am too mellow. I think I need to control my aura as people seem to thing I am Ned Flanders despite being 5″11″ & 251lb. I have never been this calm in my life, self governance is my main discipline and I have been able to quit most of my bad habits and benefit from my self control with opportunities just arising around me. I was in a great place before I even ordered as people I know said it’s best to be centered before starting the balance. Since taking it enemies are now friends having seen a change in my mental state. It has done more for me than any pill (psych meds) has ever done. I feel my body regenerating, repairing itself. I plan to purchase next month as I had to make sacrifices to make ends meet being on disability. I may also get a job at one of the centers as I am allowed to teach techniques. I can’t say enough about the balance. I will be 49 this year and since my work related accident my spine has declined and at some point I will need surgery to avoid becoming hunch backed. But now I able to work out again and my back feeling better than it has in years. I look forward to a better life having invested in the products offered. I am still a bit scatterbrained but that’s me on a daily basis lol. I am also designing a video game, can’t wait to replace my main board and see how it affects my digital art. My acrylic painting almost matches my oil painting. I have had no negative side affects. I do pain management using cannabis, my monthly usage is now down to a quarter ounce. There has been no down side to the benefits of monoatomic elements in my life. I will stop rambling here and get back to life. Thank you for reading.

  10. Jonathon (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Copper

    Purchased the copper hoping to get the amazing benefits I’ve read and I wasn’t disappointed. The first thing I noticed was my skin and complexion seemed a lot healthier and I used to sweat a lot which for some reason has stopped.

    What made me write this review though, especially at this time, is that I was getting a cold a few days after taking this. I woke up with an itchy nose and throat, which all my life was “Stage 1” of getting sick. I’d wake up with itchy nose and throat and over the next few days it would profress into a “cold” or “flu” but to my amazement, the third day after waking up in a “near-sick” State, I woke up completely refreshed and clear. I KNOW this has to be the elements at play because everyone around me shared their cold and although I was in the midst of their company, I never got a single cough. I’m looking forward to seeing the LONG-TERM effects of copper and best of all… it’s the most adorable of them all!

  11. Jenny Bailey (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    GREAT STUFF! Thanks for supplying quality, guys!
    Not quite halfway through the small bottle and things are starting to happen, I may have upped my dose of 10 drops to whatever the dropper holds 😀
    My wants are happening, only when I have great emotional feeling about something though and they are small but progress nonetheless. I work for a labour hire company and I scored 2 extra night shifts totalling 3 all up, that rarely happens. On the first shift I said to my work mate, it would be great to get 2 more night shifts at $32 an hour for 12 hours to help with the mortgage. I applied for a temp job with the company I work at and I got it, I was doing my best to attract one and magic happened. Temp jobs are rare at this company. Did I attract more work and a better role? At $36p/h, I think so!
    I’ll add more as I progress in a new review.
    I wish I could only pay the same amount as shown, the Aussie dollar is a killer, an extra $45 is halfway to the next bottle.
    Even though it costs me more in Aussie dollars, it’s worth it!

  12. Deena N

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Gold Subscription

    I started to take the product 2 months ago on the 14th. I bought it to help me with my stress level. I have been experiencing a calmness that never knew existed. I would recommend it, I am extremely satisfied.

  13. pimpotomus (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    All I can say is that I have tried all kind of monatomic elements from a slew of different vendors, but I have never been able to find any one who sells anything even remotely close to the quality of the product that is sold here. This is definitely the absolute best source for anything Mono Atomic around. I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a high quality product, and let you know that you have gained a customer for life for sure. Thanks again my friend.

  14. Bradley Smith

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    All I can say is this is a life changing product! I was skeptical at first but I’m a true believer now! Thank you for offering such a high quality product!

  15. CJ (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    So I’m not going to rate this badly because I’ve been taking it for only two weeks or so. I’ve noticed more clarity, intense dreams, focus, and determination. But what’s really real about this is my unhappiness with my current state. Meaning I find it difficult to do my job because it doesn’t fulfill me. I used to fake it better but now I just cry before I go in and while at work. Everyone is talking about what’s great and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, some may view my unhappiness as lacking appreciation for having a job when many are out of work. I can’t shake this feeling. Open to useful feedback. Thanks!!

  16. momdraper (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Monoatomic Gold has been life changing for my husband and I. We have a hard time explaining how. The best description we have come up with is that it has lifted the fog in our life. We became more happy and in tune with our senses. We know what we want in life. We started surrounding ourselves with more positive people and getting rid of the negativity. Our body stopped craving the junk and we eat better. I am more responsive with my kids wanting to interact with them more. I just feel more sharp on everything. It has been a year now that we have been taking Monoatomic Gold. We have tried a few other brands and nothing compares to this stuff right here. We will continue to order from here from here on out. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get the real deal and giving us our lives back.

  17. Patricia Prosje (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Silver

    I have been holistic for 37 years and was diagnosed with Lyme 3 years ago. I live in SE Florida and found a source that made colloidal silver that was a life saver. Unfortunately it is no longer available. I went into a panic mode and started frantically searching for someone/ company who had the similar beliefs as I do because I do believe that it effects the products. After doing my research, I came across Monoatomic…. I ordered the gold to help with Lyme Brain and the sliver to help with Lyme. I received them both in a very timely manner and I am very optimistic that I found another missing piece of the puzzle to my healing. I will keep you updated. Thank you Monoatomic

  18. Patricia Prosje (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I purchased the gold a few days ago and just received my order (I also ordered Silver) In the past I ordered the platinum and was very pleased with the results. I have Lyme and I am very hopeful that the gold will help with the many emotions that are brought to the forefront from Lyme. I ordered the silver which also helps with the Lyme. I did my homework on the many, many companies that sell the product and this company stands out beyond all. I am very blessed to have found this company. I will give an update in the next week or two. Thank you Monoatomic.

  19. quadrantium (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic M3

    I’m using M3 for 2 weeks now and what can I say after this time? I can feel noticeable difference in my body and mind performance: I’m more focused, I’m sleeping better, I’m calm & relaxed and full of energy. Now I can’t wait what upcoming days bring!

  20. Boostyourplate (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Our entire family used the monatomic gold for a few months straight. We all felt clarity in our thoughts and focus during school and work. Our daughter is a. Elite athlete and taking monatomic gold increased her endurance, confidence and balanced her emotions. We have not taken for a couple months now and still notice positive effects. Purchased another order and excited to replenish our bodies with the gold again. We used lower doses for our children, ages 13 and 17. Our son can focus and perform in school with ease and confidence! Thank you for this amazing supplement! We will not go without it for this long again!

  21. michaelsinisgalli (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    love the gold above all. really sets me right. clean and clear!

  22. mikhaeleast (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    It appears to have facilitated quite a bit of transformation in, on and around me

  23. Rayleen (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I was amazed that after ordering it was in my hands 3 days later! Bravo on shipping and processing time! I should have started with a smaller dose, my first was 8 drops under the tongue and I must say I was very very calm and relaxed, but also light headed, so now I take 3 drops in the morning and 3 drops in the evening….. I am absolutely in love with this product! I am more balanced than I have ever been in the past 3 chaotic years- I am actually excited to meditate every day (that’s a first) and I told my friend I think I’m lighter in every way (just can’t explain it) but it’s the only word that works to explain it. I was so grateful that I found this product that I had to share it by giving one to a friend for her birthday! Every day just gets better and better, I put a drop on my face evening and morning and My skin is radiant with a healthy glow. I am experimenting with my plants, so far so good and I’m sure time will show more positive results.

  24. Hunor Peter (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Balance

    I loved this product, I would recommend for anyone who is looking for a more subtle but balance effect It definitely helps with “performance”!

  25. Stacey (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Copper

    Impressive results in a short time!

    The is the 2nd bottle of copper that I’ve ordered and I got unexpected results.

    April of 2017 was the 1st time that I bought the copper to help with my anemia and low white blood cell count which the hematologist confirms that’s I no longer have.

    Then I bought another bottle of copper for no other reason than general wellness and surprisingly, the copper has helped to alleviate my joint pain that I had in between my fingers from last October of 2018 within 2 weeks of daily use. I never thought that pain was going to go away because of repetitive use of the keyboard at my job but I am pleasantly surprised and impressed by the unexpected alleviation of that pain. I will definitely buy the copper as a staple in my wellness regimen.


  26. Alistair Koolman (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Same experience as most other reviewers here.

    2 days ago I started taking small doses of monatomic gold. (And so far I have no reason to doubt it is exactly that, but also no proof that its not cleverly formulated drugs!)

    There arent many people talking about their experiences of it online or any easy to find clinical research studies on its effects. The only thing I keep coming across in my searches is that it balances activity in the left and right hemispheres of the brain and then activity was shown to increase. There are plenty of other amazing claims about it but not much verifiable evidence to back them up.

    As for my experience, I’m astounded by it. There are a few main things I’ve noticed so far which are:
    -increased focus
    -incredible clarity of thought and emotion
    -increased creativity and generativity
    -more energy
    -a wonderful sense of ease

    “Its not what you do, its how you do it” has been popping up for me quite a lot over the last couple of weeks. It seems particularly relevant with what I am feeling during this experience! I feel saturated with gratitude and appreciation in almost every moment of the day, because thats how I want to feel.

    If one imagines their mind like a radio set..
    The clarity I have been feeling has allowed me to perfectly tune to the channel I want to be on, the kinds of thoughts I want to give my attention to. The focus has meant that I am able to pay attention to the channel/music constantly and effortlessly. My inner world has become so blissful, and to my amazement it stays that way.

  27. jim (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold


  28. Lisa Lefemine (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I love, love, love, love Monatomic Gold. This is the second Winter I have been using it to ward off colds and flu etc. I would always get sick early in November and then one more bout of flu or a cold later in the season. Well that has all changed now that I take Gold. I don’t get any sniffle at all . People at work are all getting sick but not me. Thank you Monatomic Orme for your magical Gold. Love and best wishes to all. Lisa

  29. Graybush (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic M3

    Oh lovely essence of the cosmos, usher of the spiritual divine, gifter of subtle energies we are utterly transformed in mind and soul by your very presence.

  30. Marii Kroutilin (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Started taking this 2 weeks ago. Already feeling much calmer, more centered and mentally organized in terms of less anxiety and stress. Ordering another bottle and can’t wait to continue to see the changes that are to come. Have been meditating much more and much easier and incredible lucid dreams that I’ve rarely experienced before.

  31. R Bednar (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Just finished a one ounce bottle of gold. It seems to have restored sexual stamina. From time to time I would suffer from negative thinking and depression, but now Im optimistic and generally happy. Only time will tell if the gold really has DNA repairing anti-aging properties as some claim. Just ordered four more ounces. I may dry some out and test it with a moving rare earth magnet’s magnetic field. Im a man of science but Im also spiritual. I don’t meditate but I do bless my food and my gold. Iv cured food poisoning with a dose of colonial silver. Im thinking about trying the monoatomic copper to see if it will restore color to gray hair. The only side-effect of monatomics Iv noticed is a white noise that hear when there is no sound. But its not negative. Its like you are on the beach hearing the constant sound of the braking waves in the background. You tune it out most of the day but its always there when its quiet and calm. And even then you can tune it out if you stop listening. I call it the sound of the universe.

  32. johnson_tanya628 (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I have been taking this for a month now. This is amazing, I just ordered more a couple days ago. More focus, more energy and more creativity just to name a few. Being that I have ADHD this is a God send. Thanks a million.

  33. Turnup (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I ordered the Monotomic-Orme Gold, Balance and M3. When I started with the Gold, I immediately felt energy in my body and strength across my shoulder blades allowing me to stand taller. Skeptical at first, I really like these products.

  34. drumsnvoice (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I’ve been using Monotomic-Orme Gold for the last year and I love the results. clearer thinking and more motivation. highly recommended!

  35. jadesev (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Silver

    I used to occasionally use colloidal silver when I needed an immunity boost, but was concerned about taking too much and it never seemed to help anyway. I decided to try this monatomic silver instead since it seems a lot safer to use. A few days ago I woke up with a sore throat and the next day had even more unpleasant symptoms of illness (mild fever, pounding headache, heavy congestion, and coughing.) I took 5 drops of monatomic silver as soon as I realized I was sick, and on my third day (today) I am already just about 100% recovered! This stuff really cut my recovery time in half so it’s a must have for the winter months where sickness seems to be rampant. Will definitely keep stocked up on this product at all times.

  36. Char (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Love this product. It brings a calmness to my life. And for only 10 drops a day. I have ordered several times and will order again.

  37. usafrich789 (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    At first I was a skeptic! After the research on monatomic gold and it’s benefits I just went for it. After a few weeks and using it routinely and consistently I started to look and feel the benefits. It’s not only helped with my depression, but with my anxiety as well. It also helped me cut down on my coffee consumption because of the energy I felt after taking my monatomic gold every morning!

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Balance

    I’ve only been taking this for 15 day with the under the toung method and I’ll explain the noticable changes I’ve noticed. Before taking this I’ve been plagued by an unknown source of anxiety and now its gone. The best way I can describe the feeling I have so far is just like the label says… Balanced. Before taking this I walked around with a permanent scowl on my face because of the anxiety and now I find myself constantly and spontaneously smiling. Also I have noticed my appetite has increased but possibly because of the nonexistent anxiety. And lastly, before taking this my sex drive was low and now my sex drive is normal again. All around it has made my life better for taking it. I will definitely buy this again.

  39. Alp (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Bought this last month, standard delivery took less than a week to UK. (basic delivery took few weeks). This mana made me realise the potential we hold within ourselves. It’s a means to an end, enlightment.

  40. Jasmyn Beasley (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    This product is ASTOUNDING!*** When taking it I felt an instant calmness come over me. My mind, body and spirit just felt clearer. My medications felt more aligned & my reflexes because more agile. It has definitely made me more present within myself & for that… gives me the opportunity to be a better version of myself and constantly grow everyday. I’m so so appreciative of this product! It’s priceless!! THANK YOU

  41. Jasmyn Beasley (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    This product is beyond Golden!
    I felt an instant calmness to my mind, body, and spirit. I was more connected in my meditations and my reflexes became more agile! It helps me with balance and peace in my life. I feel more present within myself allowing me to be a better version of myself. This is priceless! & I encourage anyone & EVERYONE to give it a try

  42. Jeremy whyte (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I tried this product and it worked wonders in my life. I would recommend it hightly. Im going to get some more when i can afford it.

  43. virgilioagain (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I have been using the MGold and MRuthenium for about 6 months now and I truly believe in it. I feel more balanced, and with my heart condition, I feel more opened up. Thank you for providing such an amazing product, exceptional service and delivery!

  44. Billetta

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Osmium Subscription

    My son has autism. After giving him Monotomic Osmium, I notice he gained more trust with me, and was less angered and more calm.

  45. T (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Holy Sh*t! This is the real deal!
    First of all let me say, I was sooo skeptical about putting a foreign product in my body, but after reading the reviews here, I decided to give it a try. I know everyone’s body is different so I had to keep my mind open about how the monatomic gold would interact with mine. I wasn’t prepared for Impeccably great effects! It’s been about a week and I notice the difference already. I’m awake! I feel engaged with LIFE, more balanced, focused, more natural energy and the things that used to affect me, don’t so much anymore.
    This product has intensified my meditations, dreams and over all awareness. It’s crazy that this particular product can have such an effect because I’ve always been a clean eater, meditator and tried so hard to stay positive and balanced but yet something was missing. Well the monatomic Gold has taken these habits to another level. I feel so good. Even my relationships are better, and I have a more positive outlook on life. This is a must try! Just be open, aware and Enjoy!!!!

  46. Catalin Racoreanu (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I’ve use the monoatomic gold before and this product completely change my life.After few drops every morning(10 drops)I felt very aware almost all day long and the mind start to calm down a lot and I was in much more peaceful state.I love this product and all the product as well.I recommend any type of monoatomic to everyone.Try it!

  47. Amanda

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    This product is absolutely amazing….i can’t not wait to try the rest of the products.

  48. Izabel Ea-kapu (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Copper

    I like to take copper, because it is the essence which connects me with the planet Venus. Venus is the Heart Chakra of the solar system and therefore related to the hearts of all humans. From Venus came those liberation teachings to Earth, which are preserved unchanged to this day in Tibetan Buddhism and in Tibetan Bön. The end result of having accomplished the teachings, is the transformation of the physical body into a body of Light. The Tibetans call it “RainbowBody”. Monatomic Copper makes my heart smile. In conjunction with Monatomic Gold it makes my meditation practice more stable.

  49. Hunor Peter (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    All the products from this site are amazing! You will not find any other vendor that provides a higher quality product! There is a remedy for all ailments!
    Highly recommended!

  50. Hector Belfort (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    The monatomic Gold is the first element I ordered and I must say I felt something within the first day of using it. A sense of calmness and clarity as well an intuned focus. Meditating while using the gold brought a different but inviting experience. Awakening with a full energizing feeling was noticed immediately after day 1. I am pleasantly pleased with my experience in using the monatomic gold so far and look forward to experimenting with other elements in the near future.

  51. BrandonTClayton

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Gold Subscription

    You got a lifetime Customer… Trust me, this right here will take you to the next level.

  52. alex.h (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Very powerful product. I believe it also has the potential to fully calcify the pineal and pituitary glands, thus activating the Third Eye Chakra. Thank you

  53. robbiefindlay01 (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Ordered the monoatomic gold and was hoping to experience more effects, however that may just be due to the small amount of time I’ve been ingesting it. The only effects I’ve really experienced was greatly improved dream recall and much deeper meditations. My stress levels did somewhat level out but my overall experience with the product was a bit lacklustre to the expectations. Perhaps in the near future I will order the gold aswell as the m3 and balance in order to see some obvious results.

  54. John (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Rhodium

    really good product, it just puts me in great mood and state of mind as if I am on vacation somewhere on an island, but I feel that way all the time under influence of Rhodium, it has great effect on relaxation and sleep, it grounds your nervous system and makes you feel as if everything is just fine no matter what, these are some of the initial reactions, but as one continues to take it for extended period of time it seems to have potential for something really great both physically and mentally, highly recommended A+ product.

  55. csf (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    hi. i appreciate the lightening quick delivery. git her in three days from canada all the way to sacramento. i’m at the observing point stage and will not make any special claims. i will give true progress reports that will assist in helping others to make an informative decision. i’m optimistic that all will most likely be positive. judging by the happy reviews above that helped to inspire my journey.

  56. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Silver

    I’ve found that Monatomic silver has boosted my immune system & has aided in strengthening my electromagnet resistance to EMF. I am now curious to try Monatomic copper for it’s anti viral properties and apparent ability to break down biofilms created by pathogens so that the immune system can better find these invaders and rid the body of them. Thanks a bunch for providing quality products.

  57. Ammon (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Been taking your form of monatomic gold for 4 days now. So far my mind feels a lot more stable and clearer. I have aspergers and find it difficult to filter the processes of my mind so i decided to take the opportunity to give your product a shot to see if it can help me better manage my thoughts. I feel more aware of my surroundings so I’m able to better filter my senses and shut out the waste where before, everything will come in at once, unfiltered and un manageable. I’m not sure if it’s my mind tricking me as I was excited to see the effects and therefore created the reality that it’s working the way I intended and am therefore delusional but it’s also too early to tell I guess. No buzzy feeling/noise as of yet but definitely feel more stable.

  58. tresfulmore11 (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Osmium

    POWERFUL. Best when taken between 3 and 7am.
    After the 3rd application, watch how your negative views on things lessens. Worth using this product. A diamond in the rough among its fellow Monoatomics.

  59. Kevin Connor

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    great stuff

  60. Jesse (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Osmium

    I tried this product about a month after I started the gold. I noticed especially once I had stopped taking it, the lasting effects of building better thought processes this had afforded me.

    I was finding things frustrating more once I had been off for about 3 weeks, but also seemed to ease into dealing with it as though I was still not emotionally compromised. Building better habits!

  61. Jesse (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Platinum

    I noticed especially on the days when doing Qi Gong, or yoga the effect of this product. It really helped me to react less to distractions, thoughts, and just be in those challenging situations. The effects after one ounce were marked, and after a month off I am excited to see what the next bottle can bring out in me!

  62. Douglas

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Silver

    I utilize monatomic silver and am a male. I find absolutely no gender specific applications of monatomic silver. I’ve been using monatomic silver for nearly 10 years as a general antiseptic, mouthwash, and friendly biotic balancer if I can coin that phrase. As a nasal spray it works wonders and I’ve experienced nothing but positive results in my overall health. I generally never depend on pharmaceutical anti-biotics for anything. Michele’s post above is point on true.

  63. Joseph crow (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Outstanding product, the simplest way to put it is not a game changer but a life changer!!!!! I currently take gold silver copper, i started with a ounce of gold and was sold immediately. After doing my own research about monatomic gold I had no doubt I wanted to try taking it and since then these are the benifits I’ve seen happen! Anxiety and stress gone my confidence through the roof focus and energy levels increased. I feel like I’m navigating my dreams versus the dream being random and unorganized. My compassion towards others has doubled. The list goes on. I really feel like this is a missing link in our evolutionary process to help us become more together rather than divided! Imagine a world where everyone takes this how different this place would be! I will tell everyone ,who will listen,about it and I do!

  64. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Amazing Stuff. Hard to describe but I’ll give it a try: Monatomic Gold increases my already strong intuition, and takes my awareness to a higher level. It helps with evrything: I make less mistakes at work, because my concentration is raised, even when i go through a 16 hour shift. It gives me an even stronger feeling of connectedness to the universe and all its creations – allows me to plunge in deeper into the stillness. My meditation and qigong practice is deeper. My shiatsu experience is more intense, and my attentiveness is really boosted,. And i’m really just at the beginning of my journey (after all these dark years).
    Only negative aspect: standard shipping to europe could be more affordable (50 bucks seems too much).
    But im really glad i found this source and from the bottom of my heart i thank you for sharing your amazing products for the good of humanity!!! Have a good time!

  65. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Indium

    This is amazing stuff. I have problems with my thyroid gland, and I feel Indium puts me back into balance for a while . Moreover: instantly after intake a mild euphoric effect (description) sets in, giving me a smile and a sense of “no matter what”; a long forgotten feeling. Just ordered another bottle. Thank you so much for this experience!!!

  66. T. (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Elevate your true self

  67. eshg1 (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic M3

    Wow! What service – due to a cock up on my part which was sorted out by the MO Team I received my M3 & GOLD after one day ?
    I was so excited to take it immediately, when I did I put the intentions of what I want first and took the plunge lol. It literally felt like was 6′ tall and I’m 5′ 4″, a bit like walking on air, I actually felt quite emotional but nice if you know what I mean? I am a spiritual teacher who has been feeling lack lustre for some time, I wanted to get that connection back with myself and the universe I researched the hell out of this synchronicity was everywhere. This is only the first day too, I felt calm, confident and excited about life……………..serious!
    Thanks guys and gals, ??✌?❤

  68. Thomas Bogacki (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    This was my first product and have been searching for a very long time for a product of such high quality, that this company most certainly delivers!! I have been taking the gold for about half a month now and cannot put into words the things I have been experiencing. Firstly let me tell you all that I already am a “sensitive, intuitive” type of person to begin with. This has increased my overall sense of awareness and my senses seem to have been amplified. I feel a constant humming or buzzing right around my third eye area. My dreams are super saturated with vivid color!!! One day I was just sitting and relaxing and saw a light/plasma burst right over my head, “that’s the only way i can describe it”!! I have a job that requires extreme focus/concentration and to be very detail oriented. Since starting the product I noticed my ability to stay focused has increased and my productivity has been on the rise!!!. Most importantly I am feeling a general sense of stability, “oneness”, feeling the presence of something much greater than me (the divine) leaving me in a state in which I think/feel……we are all one and a part of everything, giving me a great sense and feeling of calmness, sort of like “everything is going to be alright no matter what.” I am so grateful that I found this site and just ordered a bunch more!!!! The staff are wonderful friendly and very helpful!!!! (Note: if you’re a beginner the Monatomic Gold is an excellent place to start.) My journey continues………………………………….

  69. Chris (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic M3

    I started taking this product along with the Monatomic Gold five months ago and what I noticed from taking the M3 along with the Gold is that the effects of the Gold such as increased awareness and intuition became greater with the addition of giving me a much more enhanced dream state. The Monatomic Gold along with the M3 is a powerful combo. Based on my own personal experience I feel it’s best to take the Gold first for about a month before adding the M3 so your body may adjust to the effects slowly, that’s how much of an effect these elements had on me. I also recommend that you have a clean diet as this will allow you to feel the benefits to a greater degree. I mostly stick to a Paleo Diet and when I strayed and ate some foods that were of low quality and not nutrient rich the effects from the elements were still there but not as powerful. I highly recommend this along with the Monatomic Gold.

  70. Chris (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    After doing extensive research on Monoatomic Gold I decided to give this company a try after having a bad experience with another company. They have excellent customer service. I decided to contact them first to inquire about how their products are formulated and I received an email response within two hours from Michelle. The Monoatomic God they produce is made properly and has a white milky type color as it should have. I have noticed an increased sense of awareness and intuition and when I combined it with their M3 product the effects were even greater. I highly recommend this as well as the M3.

  71. Estefany Mendez (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Ruthenium


    It’s been less than a week, since I’ve started taking ROTHENIUM, PLATNUM, and GOLD.

    My dreams have become very vivid, most times quite puzzling. I’ve started a dream journal to better understand by subconscious and myself. I’m able, now, to remember my dreams (clearly with great detail) hours after they happen, rather than forgetting them minutes after I wake-up.

    My meditative prayers have been emotionally intense. There’s a profound sense of conviction without much effort, that I shed tears of a combination of wonderful emotions hard to decribe. I go into a meditative trance much quicker than before. I feel a concentrated/focused pressure between my forehead (3rd eye) and heart?. I’ve never felt more connected to the Creator of Creators???.

    Throughout my day, my mind is alert. My vision is crisp clear and colors are more vivid. When I begin to read or study for my classes, I’m able to read faster and retain more information without effort.

    My appetite has decreased. I love food!! Portion control has always been something I’ve struggled with?. Now, I have more energy to go to the gym and lift, eat twice a day (breakfast: fruits/veggies smoothie lunch: vegetarian friendly meal of some kind?), and my hunger faids when i catch a few hours of sunlight, late in the afternoon, as I go for a walk w/my pup.

    I highly recommend any of the monatomic minerals!! If you’re seeking to unlock your true-self potential, any of these products are meant for you!

    God Bless and may all your heart’s desires manefest for the greater good of humanity! ???✌???

  72. Mike Gaensslen (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    My age is 74 years old and I retired from my construction job one year ago because it just got too hard to do.
    Three days ago I started using Monoatomic Gold and today I removed 14 concrete Patio Blocks and laid 14 new ones in 5 hours, not feeling too bad after. I am not sure if Monoatomic Gold was responsible for this but I know that before I couldn’t have done this.

  73. Hunor Peter (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I have used this product over the past few years at times of physical, mental, and emotional strain to give myself a much needed boost. The shipping has always been prompt and seems to improve with each new order. I highly recommend this product for those who are feeling a buffer between their spiritual and physical lives. As a result of recent events, the leaps we are taking in consciousness often become strenuous while our bodies adjust to functioning on a higher, more refined frequency. This product aids this process, and is of the highest potency and quality I have come across. Adonai

  74. Stevk pang (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I am a mystic. Searching for truth and developing for higher self. I have reached a bit on monatomic Orme. And I searched some good quality monatomic Orme and finally find this web and I bought the monatomic gold. The product is great! The dream in night become more and more clear! That’s so good and I feel stronger energy! Highly recommend!


    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    My husband and I have been taking monatomic gold for about a month now, my husband is a long distance runner and has noticed more strength and endurance since taking the product, I notice a sweeter more patient hubby! For myself I take mine before meditation and yoga and the meditations b4 taking ormus (embarrassing but true) I would check my watch every 5 minutes or so to see if I reached the 20 minute time to stop meditation, I had serious monkey mind but now 20 minutes fly’s by and I look forward to meditation now, also I notice that I can articulate my thought’s much clearer and faster than before… I love love love this product and just purchased 6 different types of orme to activate and open different part’s of me. Very happy customers!!!!

  76. Jen

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Platinum

    I love this essence, its powerfully effective & works quickly I noticed within a week, lives up to its claims

  77. Brucey in Foothills of Denver Colorado (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Balance

    I bought 3 products from this company, all three were Monatomic Elements- M3, Gold and Balance. I live in Colorado and while the product took 8 days to arrive it was worth the wait. I am still experiencing the different results of each Monatomic formula, however Monatomic Balance is by far my favorite!!! Absolutely. Increased vigor, perception, and influence I have experienced with this formula. I am an active guy in his 30’s who is mainly an organic and vegan eater, and while I have always been healthy this product definitely takes me to another level… possibly more than one level. My muscle tone and appearance is more defined and beautiful, while my mind is mysteriously magical to say the least. I’ve always had that subtle sway over my environment for the negative or the positive, however Monatomic Balance along with the other 2 products definitely keeps me in a happier and more calm mental state, while also increasing my ability to influence my surroundings. Careful what you think about or believe about… It may materialize a little easy with this stuff Literally!!! Believe it if you want, or doubt me, but I know what works. Monatomic Balance, Monatomic GOLD and Monatomic M3 will be reordered again and again. Hope to work for this Company- ITS That GOOD. Great Product… to say the least.

  78. Jaimecip

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Balance

    Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!

  79. Alanson Orrock (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Balance

    Hi I’m Lance and I can definitely attest that I felt the effects of this product almost instantly.

  80. Ayoub (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    This Gold Monoatomic is the amazing, I have better awareness & my consciousness is opening up too. I have a stronger 6th sense & beginning to do some amazing things with my mind. Keep up the good work guys I’ve been on these for 3 months along with your whole product line & they are evolving me faster then anything else.

  81. Christopher Cheng (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I had surgery on my right foot 2 months ago and I have difficulty to walk. I came across this website and ordered a bottle of Monoatomic gold. After taking this product about a week and most of my pain is gone and the swelling is subsiding. I can walk much better now and I feel great with a lot of energy. I just put an order for 3 more bottles. Great product and thanks !

  82. Natalia Turapina

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I have noticed how my skin and hair dramatically improved over that short time. I feel like I even look younger already. The acne has cleared up from my skin completely and there is sort of a glow or shimmer in my energy field.

  83. Parv Syed (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Great Product ! Been taking this for 6 days and feel that it positively effect all states .. waking , sleeping , dreaming & transcending . Its actually too strong for me so I will be cutting the dose in 1/2, and look forward to seeing the continuous positive effects.

  84. Lina (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Celà fait juste 1 semaine que nous consommons le monoatomique gold , fantastique , mon conjoint et moi sommes plus calme et dormons plus profondément. Deplus , j’ai remarqué que mon conjoint à les dents qui blanchit Wowww. Ma plante à aussi apprécié car elle pousse rapidement. En une semaine et déjà tout ce changement , nous sommes impressionné.

  85. JEN

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Palladium

    Does what it says, I have exp this with using this product & others to compliment & worth investment with results in short short time

  86. JEN

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Rhodium

    Love this products upholds to what it says, & effective within just a week of use, WOW, love all these products

  87. JEN (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Indium

    This is TRUE to the word on the description feeling zestful & free like in youth, wonderfully powerful & really worked after short time use just started

  88. JEN (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Osmium

    Love this product as many have trust & anger residual issues, it really works my husband is proof!

  89. JEN

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Excellent product I have many of them & they all hold up to their word & description with regular use, Worth the investment

  90. Ryan

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold


  91. Kevin Noad (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Balance

    This is absolutely amazing for Brain and Body Health, myself and my clients have really good results using 1 full squirt under tongue and hole for 1 min.
    Use daily for min 1 month to see great brain and health results… “Kevin Noad” … Natural Holistic Healing : http://empthealing.blogspot.ca

  92. Nicole (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic M3

    I received M3 two days ago. Oh my gosh! I never believed what a trip down the rabbit hole this was going to be, but what has happened is amazing. First, I noticed increased dry mouth. Next was amazing sex. Then lucid dreaming. And then instant manifestation. Oh and increased healing. My face was totally broke out before I started taking this product. Now it’s clear and soft.

  93. Bob (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I just got this product Mono-atomic Gold a few days ago with another 4 similar products like it. I felt something inside me begin to change I felt it everywhere in my body & I felt in my brain too. It was good feeling I would know if it was bad, the energy coming from these products was really good feeling. I will keep taking them & will reorder I believe more good will come out when taking long term but after taking for only 2 days its incredible feeling, that’s all i can say its good & its working & something great will come out of it on the other side. I will be back to post in the near future with my progress.

  94. Robert (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    After researching this a number of years ago, I’ve been on a type of holy grail quest for this holy grail of supplements, and have ordered products claiming to be “it” from different sources and while I received some benefits, I was always a little disappointed that it just didn’t live up to all the hype.

    My search is over. This is the real thing!

    I’ve added to my Superfood Supersmoothie recipe, in combination with ruthenium, which I feel the perfect delivery method or “vector” for ingesting the Orme, and my experience has been profound. It’s subtle, but very powerful.

    For years I’ve longed to have that certain vital energy and sense of spirituality I enjoyed quite naturally as a child. The smoothies, combined with exercise and a weight loss regimen have helped greatly, but this has taken me over the top.

    It’s the gold-plated capstone of my superfood “elixir” which has now truly become what I call my “ultimate superfood supersmoothie elixir of the tree of life”.

    After about 20 minutes from ingesting, I get an almost euphoric response as it courses through my body along with just about every vitamin, mineral and nutrient under the sun. I think even the Pharaohs who ate those conical cakes would be jealous of my smoothies lol.

    So I’ve ordered more including Iridium and Rhodium for their contribution to an overall anti-aging formulation, as well as Balance, for the full spectrum of elements, while will also help to make my overall supply last.

    I’ve become an alchemist of sorts myself as I build my smoothie.

    Thank you Monatomic Orme for making this substance available in a pure and potent form. From what I can discern, it’s the best of the best available in the world today at prices that are not entirely prohibitive, but that I wish would come down by about ten dollars per one ounce bottle (hey you don’t get if you don’t ask) so that it would be more affordable for everyone.

    I feel like I’ve been upgraded and am feeling just as good or better than I did since I was a child. Thanks again!


  95. Aleksander Hauge

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Great product, instant effect and fast delivery. 7 days to reach my mail box here in norway. I recomend this to every person on this earth

  96. Cassandra (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I am a 33 yr old, non verbal, quadriplegic. I started taking monatomic gold three months ago, this is the first product I reordered. Since starting it I’m talking so well that everyone has noticed. I’m moving more and I’ve been able to completely cut out all prescribed medication (for energy & focus). It’s amazing stuff & the product from this site is the best I’ve found (tried 2 others in pill form, good but not AS good!

  97. Eyrene (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Platinum

    I have been using Platinum for 2 weeks now and many benefits have been seen for both me and my husband. I am more focused, before judging others (for minor things) was something I was doing without even being aware; now I am so self aware and feel sorry when I do it and I do not like it. This has reduced drastically and I think is amazing.
    I am more organised and I can do many things in one day: work, kids, gym, we started a small business, cooking, homework, paperwork, meditation etc, whilst previously I was just too tired to do anything or the amount of things that I needed to do was just too overwhelming and I was ending up doing the bear minimum.
    I am more aware to the things around me and to the present moment and live more in the present, fact which has a huge impact on my life and makes me happy and I can connect to people, nature.
    I think Platinum is amazing and I would recommend this to anyone who seeks to become more aware, organised, focused.

  98. Cat (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I have been taking this together with my wife for a month now. It is amazing!
    We are happier, we could let go of bad habits which were taking control of our lives.
    We were so stressed and tired, that we were arguing all the time, and we were not kissing or hugging each other anymore. The Gold ORME has helped us find our love again, we now laugh like we used to, we are more motivated to do the right thing for ourselves. For example my wife is now going to the gym (she hated the gym), she almost quit smoking, we are not eating any sugar and all our meals are now very healthy. We are better parents and we are constantly happy. We also found that we have more time to do all the things that we want to do in a day whilst before we never had time or motivation to do anything.
    So yes I would strongly recommend this product if you feel you lost yourself and you want to be happy and live and feel and become a better version of yourself!

  99. Eyrene

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Rhodium

    I have been taking this together with my husband for almost 2 weeks now and I can tell you that it does indeed has certain effects on your pineal gland (3rd eye).
    We have recently became interest in our spiritual side and activating our 3rd eye so this ORME seemed like a most needed help.
    I have been trying meditation for a week now and I admit that it wasn’t as easy as I was expecting as my mind is full of thoughts which just don’t want to go away. I have noticed that lately, if I take my 5 drops of monatomic Rhodium just before I start my meditation, I am able to get into a deep meditative state and after I finish I feel high pressure in the back of my head which is a good sign that your 3rd is awakening. My husband also managed to get into a deep state of meditation with the help of monatomic Rhodium.
    Our general behavior has improved and I connect easily with the nature since I am taking the Rhodium ORME. I feel the smell of the rain and the trees, everything that is around me I can connect to now. Things that I was not paying attention to before, now are important and make me happy. I laugh a lot, the daily stress had taken ownership of me and my life.
    I can see major changes in me and my husband, therefore I would definitely recommend this product if you want to become more spiritually inclined and for deeper meditation purposes.

  100. Ron Metellus (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Ruthenium


    Let start by saying, WOW!! This one really, really works a whole lot indeed. I mean, I repeatedly lucid dream every single night and my memory and focus has now started to really, really improve and so much more… They really work 110% and I have yet to try the others and discover their capabilities as well. I will continue to take this one and really thank you all for best products and services. WOW!!???????✊✊✊

  101. Ron Metellus

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold


    I must say, I started taking this ormes element supplement for a month now and it has really made a big difference for me. It has really made me more focused, my skin has changed alot and has become more softer and smoother, my energy level has also boosted a whole lot. I can also feel this tingling feeling between my eyes from time to time that really explain and I also notice that my intuition is gradually making progess. I really love this product and looking forward to purchasing more of it for sure. I would also recommend anyone who is interested in trying these magnificent ormes elements, to go right ahead give it try. You will not be disappointed at all. I love it.

  102. Eva Balint

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I used it for a while and the effects of it were phenomenal. My usual migraine headaches were gone and I had clear perception. My immune system could cope with busy and stressful life situations and I feel an inner support to overcome them. It really gives me the feeling of shining with a golden light.

  103. Michele

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Balance

    Monatomic Balance is definitely invigorating and supports stamina for sure. If used correctly, it’s probably the healthy version of Viagra for men. Great for women too!

  104. Michele

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Ruthenium

    I feel like the claim that Ruthenium balances the heart chakra is true. Colds stopped trying to settle in my chest after using this for a couple of months at a low dosage. It also helped me through a stressful period, I slept better and was grateful, and it has subtle effects of fine-tuning the cognitive skills. Hard to describe, I can sense it though.

  105. Michele

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Gold gives me physical energy. I find it really good after I have a cold or flu to replenish and bring back vitality.

  106. Michele (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic M3

    A great well-rounded remedy for most everyone. It surely heals on a physical and energetic level. Great to use for a couple of weeks when you’re feeling low energy. I feel like it peps up the entire endocrine system.

  107. Michele

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Silver

    This silver kills serious issues. I mean really serious, like chronic viral infections. A lot of people have viral infections that lie dormant in the body until you’re worn out and they rear their ugly head. Silver eradicates them completely, freeing up your immune system to focus on other tasks. Excellent in flu season too.

  108. Michele

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Platinum

    I have been using Platinum for about 7-8 months now. It has helped to build my immunity and I undoubtedly have much better focus. Walking into a room and forgetting why I went in there just doesn’t happen anymore! I found these monatomic products without a referral , so I tested them by dowsing. They prove to be the strongest and purest that I can find.

  109. catherine (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    after i first had some, i felt like clearer, i sat down and noticed the light around the room, the steam from the kettle. everything felt peaceful and at rest. then i had a surge of energy, running was easier and i had more stamina. i took this for a month and over all i felt clearer, would recommend it.

  110. Matthew Mckay (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic M3

    After taking 2 months of Monatomic Gold and experiencing amazing things, I decided that my system was ready to try M3. I found M3 to be a very smooth and soothing yet profoundly powerful experience. I feel totally grounded and rock steady integrated and balanced with spirit mind and body. An awesome feeling. I will be getting more of this for sure.

  111. Ryan griffin (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I have tried about 8 different brands of monoatomic gold ranging from high quality real 24 carot gold produced product to the dead sea salt extract products of monoatomic gold. But this company’s monoatomic gold product stands above them all by far. Within days of taking this product my energy levels were through the roof and I noticed that in my workouts at the gym I was busting through my workouts with tons of energy to spare. My muscle definition and strength increased. But that’s not the best part, at work I work with numbers and blueprint calculations daily and my computing ability of my brain went up tremendously. I can remember things such as my credit card number. I also am so busy that it is hard to get the optimal amount of sleep. With this product a 6 hour night of sleep leaves me fully charged and ready to go. But that’s still not the best thing. Overall I would say since taking this product my overall sense of well being and happiness in my life has amplified. I tend to focus on the good things and when somthibg bad happens it doesn’t effect me near as much as it used to. This product balances the hemispheres of the brain helping you to stay more aligned and function at an overall higher quality than if you weren’t taking it. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you monoatomic Orme for making a product that is so useful in this day and age.

  112. Hunor Peter (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    Like many of you, I have also done a lot of research on monatomics in the past few years.
    I have ordered products from numerous competitors, but none of them have even come close to the quality and potency of Monatomic-orme’s 24k monatomic gold.
    I went to the dentist before starting to use the product, and was told I needed to have 3 cavities fixed. I did not return for the appointments to have them fixed. A year later I went for a routine checkup when to the dentists amazement the x-rays showed that my cavities were gone and a chipped tooth has repaired itself!
    That is but one of the amazing benefits that I experienced using the monatomic gold I purchased from this site. I found meditation has become more deep, my thinking became less foggy, I heard and saw the world in a richer way.
    I haven’t been working for the past little while so I can’t buy the product at the moment, but the effects are still there.
    When I get back to work though I will never purchase monatomics from any other company ever again!

    Thank you so much Monatomic-orme!

  113. Alina Filimon (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I started taking Monatomic gold and I saw results in a fee days. I was very calm and happy without any reason all the time. I didn’t stress and worry for everything like I used to do it before. Before I finished the bottle I ordered Monatomic M3. After a few days I had very bad headaches that didn’t go away even with painkillers. I stopped taking for 2 or 3 days then I started taking again.

    Now everything is ok and let me tell you my mind is so clear and my memory is like a computer. I work as a waitress and I remember every costumer what’s drinking. Everybody is telling me that I have such a good memory. When I sleep I dream so much and my dreams are so clear and I remember them even after a few days.

    I don’t know how to explain this but sometimes I know what people are going to say or do. This is really incredible! I love this products and I am planning to buy them forever!

    Thank you Monatomic-Orme!

    Alina F. New York

  114. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monoatomic Ruthenium

    I have been struggling with certain degenerative diseases. I have supplemented with various medications from doctors but have seen more healing from a couple of days of this than decades of supplementation of “traditional” medicine.

  115. Tomasz

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I am your customer for quite some time. White powder I became interested since, when I came across an article in which David Hudson describes his white powder. I’m very interested in philosophy and spirituality, and my first thought that came to my mind after reading this article was “I need to get this powder.” I searched the Internet to find a store where I could buy it. I came across many websites that offered in its sales of white powder, but almost all sell something just as his name and has nothing in common with David Hudson’s white powder. And finally, after a long search I came to visit your website. As soon as I went to visit your website, I knew immediately that I found what I was looking for. I consume your product for some time now and I have to admit that influenced to change my perception of the world. I would like to share with you especially one experience. I bought from you monoatomic gold, which been taking a dose of 2 ml per day. After about 3 weeks of eating I decided to see what will be the effect of the consumption of powder during fasting. I fasted for 5 days. Every day I felt better and better.I had a completely clear mind, everything around me seemed greater. In my head there was no overwhelming thought. I thought it would be great to feel like that all the time. 5th day it became something I did not expect. Sitting in front of a computer, suddenly I began to hear a buzzing sound in my head. I thought it might be the same sound, described by David Hudson. And it seems to me that he was, only that way I imagined the sound. I thought it would be more high-pitched than buzzing. The next day, I started to eat and the sound stopped. This experience made me realize that you produce high quality white powder, and I’m glad I came across your website.

    I am from Poland, so, sorry for my english if something did not make sense 🙂

    Tomasz Sitarz

  116. Michael Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    For anyone is reeding this you are probably doing the same as I have been doing, reading, researching and finding out what other people have to say about monatomic gold, so this is predominantly for you.

    I have been researching monatomic gold products for well over 2 months now, from the research I’ve done, I have found many websites that offer these products as either Ormus or monatomic gold, however there seems to only be one company “Monatomic Orme” that is not only professional in its appearance but very professional in the service and communication that I have received, on top of that “Monatomic Orme” was the only company that have managed to manufacture monatomic gold with 250,000 ppm, so they clearly must have an edge over their competition! I have watched many videos on YouTube about the effects and benefits of monatomic gold, also how to make monatomic gold, I think I have some form of OCD!, I now know there is no room for error in the manufacturing process, so I contacted “Monatomic Orme” and asked them a multitude of questions, they answered my queries within the hour of my initial email, many other companies that I had contacted were very brief / blunt with one word answers, in my mind every question should receive an appropriate answer as my questions were one of a concerned and fact-finding nature, “Monatomic Orme” certainly gave me all the information that I required, (quickly) I spoke to a gentleman called John who really found out why I wanted to use monatomic gold and how it would benefit me the most.

    So I went ahead and ordered a 1 ounce bottle of monatomic gold, I have only been using this product for “5 days” I know it’s very early stages but I already feel some excellent benefits, I run my own business in recruitment, at times it can be very stressful and I have always struggled to find a balance, my stress levels have completely dropped, my wife and kids have noticed a big difference in my general attitude, demeanour and behaviour, I feel calm collected and most importantly peaceful, my initial reason for wanting to try monatomic gold is my eyesight, I was born with six-inch’s vision in my left eye and I’m half blind in my right eye, so I wanted to see if this would make any difference as of yet there is no difference however it has only been 5 days and I don’t think for one minute and believe that any product would ever correct my vision however in my mind just 1% improvement would make a massive difference, after taking monatomic gold, in the first day my other senses were going crazy, my awareness and hearing seem to be on another level, and I just feel happy all the time, I have even started training again at the gym, I haven’t been for well over a year! A lot of people have mentioned very lucid dreams and some kind of spiritual awakening, although I haven’t experienced that as of yet, I certainly am hopeful for the future as I am relatively new in trying meditation and in the early stages of opening my pineal gland.

    I have been so impressed with the gold, I have ordered another gold, a platinum, Rhodium and Ruthenium, if the gold is anything to go by I am expecting great things with all of the products combined, I would strongly recommend using monatomic gold and from my experience I would 100% recommend using “Monotonic Orme” as a company.

  117. Bennie Becton (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I ordered the Mono Atomic Gold..and I must say it works the effects were immediate and strong.. I experienced a instant calmness and after falling asleep had the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had..and though I’m not too sure if it was a dream or not I think I even had an out of body experience after a week of use..I saw my self laying there with a bright light that seemed to emanate from above and slightly behind my head. I’ve since tried other products that just aren’t as good..I highly recommend this product.
    The shipping was fast and the Mono Atomic gold was definitely worth the price.

  118. Pete Hiscock (verified owner)

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I really appreciate the quality of your products and the speed of your service. My order arrived in England in just three days. Very well done!

  119. Matthew Mckay

    Product reviewed: Monatomic Gold

    I had read extensively about Monatomic Gold. My research lead me to chose your website and products as the best product available on the market. The Monatomic gold arrived to me in Australia not long after I ordered it which was very pleasing. My first dose gave me a strange fuzzy electrical feeling around me head. This fuzzy feeling continued for about 1 week which I attributed to my brain hemispheres equalising. This feeling has now gone and now I just feel a focal buzz around my third eye and with this, incredibly clear in my head and very focused. I work in a very high pressure job which used to stress me, but now I am able to keep level and focused and the stressors whilst not gone, do not effect me as they once did. My energy levels are great as well, I have to say I feel pretty amazing. My meditations are super amazing with immediate deep mediation. I missed a few days of taking the Monatomic gold as a test and the good feeling continued regardless which confirms for me that a healing has taken place the effect stays with you. I am very happy with your product. I have another two bottles of the Monatomic gold on the way that I purchased from your website and am looking forward to continuing with this product a while longer before changing across to try the balance formula. I hope that others who find your website choose your great products that are no doubt made with great care and love. Keep up the great work! – Namaste-