The Yugas and What This Means for Ascension

The idea that we’re moving in a straight line evolution is contrary to everything that we can see in nature. The truth is, we are going through a cycle which also attract different level of spirits at different levels through the cycle, so the fact is that we’re incarnate right now. This means that this consciousness state that’s going on right now is relevant to where we are in our personal development.

The Yuga cycles are dictated by the distance our solar system is from the center of our milky way galaxy (the black hole). As we move towards the black hole (as we currently are), we receive greater amounts of Brahma, the absolute enlightenment energy, which awakens the Atman, the personal enlightenment energy of the self. Every sun, every planetoid, everything in space, emits a radio signal and they are all different strengths. The signals coming in from all the other stars and planets is the scientific basis of the effect that different astrological signs/constellations have on us.

Yuga Update

The strongest two signals we get on earth are from our sun (because it’s the closest to us), and from the black hole. The black hole is actually still stronger in spite of how close our sun is. So basically, as we get closer to that energy source, it awakens our consciousness, the atmosphere gets denser, life grows more intensely, and then we wake up. As we move farther away from it we go through a devolution period where we lower consciousness and go to a lesser level, the atmosphere gets thinner, all species get a shorter lifespan, and we become less intelligent. At our darkest point, the collective human consciousness is closer to animal behavior, and at our highest point we are closer to the consciousness of Angels/Demons/Ascended Masters/Demi Gods. 

Iron Yuga

Kali-Yuga (Iron Age / The Age of Material)

Also known as the dark age, the Kali-Yuga takes place while our solar system is farthest from the black hole; people become sinners, lack virtue and become slaves to their own desires and passions. In this period, humanity is simplistic and ruled by material things as that is all we can understand. A rock is a rock, a plant is a plant. Only that which can be tangibly held or possessed is of value. Hostilities between people are quite common place, as leaders move to consolidate the scarce materials deemed most valuable. Information/higher knowledge is also heavily suppressed and held away from the people in elite bodies aiming to control the masses.

Bronze Yuga

Dwapara-Yuga (Bronze Age / The Age of Energy)

We reside today in the ascension stage of Dwapara-Yuga. In this age, mankind has started to “awaken”. Upon our discovery that energy underlies all matter, we ascended from the hopeless grip of basic dependence on raw material. The understanding that material and energy are interchangeable has granted us the gifts of electric power, industrial production, flight and all the “modern” wonders we currently enjoy, and we are just starting to grasp the surface.

Also, within our (partially) recorded history, we have experienced falling Dwapara-Yuga (approximately 3000 B.C. to 700 B.C.). It’s important to differentiate that was during the descending period. This difference changes everything. Any description of how things actually were during this period is extremely subjective and a place for much controversy.

silver yuga

Treta-Yuga (Silver Age / The Age of the Mind)

Only the obscured visions of the last descending Treta-Yuga period have been partially and likely inaccurately recorded into our history. This was the time of the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. During this period humans possess incredible understanding of inner energies and magnetism. By nearly fully possessing the complete powers of the human mind, body, and energy people are able to complete miraculous feats (Egyptian pyramids, unexplainable monolithic structure, etc.).

Gold yuga

Satya-Yuga (Golden Age / The Age of the Spirit)

At our last peak of the golden age, humanity lived in Atlantis. In the golden period before that it was Lemuria. Because of the destruction of past records in the falling bronze and iron ages, much of these records have been destroyed. As we are moving forward through this bronze age, we are rediscovering and releasing these records. Atlantis was destroyed by catastrophic geological changes followed by the ice age. This is why the clearest recorded history starts after the ice age in the falling silver age with Sumeria, followed by Egypt.

There is great debate beginning at the highest levels as more and more ancient information is discovered and released to the public.

During the golden age it is said that Humanity is at such a high level of consciousness that we fully understand ourselves and God. “Know thyself and thou shall know the secrets of God and the universe”. The global consciousness during the peak of the golden age is currently beyond our fathom.

Yuga metals


We are at the very beginning of our ascension for the first time in recorded history. The term “modern” when you think of it in this light, takes on a whole new meaning. Since the discovery of steam power, gravity, and the basics of energy, we have made tremendous advances, but make no mistake; we are at the very beginning of understanding the world and universe around us.

During our entire recorded history we have been moving away from the Brahma (Black Hole), and in essence, moving away from enlightenment. Science, religion, and even our understanding of reality are so far from complete. Our new found power (E=MC2) has led us to believe that we are advanced as we became familiarized with the relationship between energy and matter, but in the grand scheme of things we are only reckless adolescents at the very beginning of our understanding. As we continue to awaken this will become more apparent.