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Monoatomic Rhodium

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Strengthens the 3rd eye, and activates the five higher Chakras.  Spread the wings of your soul, promote your fantasies and connect with higher worlds, support channeling, connect to your soul-family, intensify the sense of freedom as a holy being and connection to the holy spirit, connect to cosmic laughter.


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Strengthens the 3rd eye, and activates the five higher Chakras.

Spread the wings of your soul, promote your fantasies and connect with higher worlds, support channeling, connect to your soul-family, intensify the sense of freedom as a holy being and connection to the holy spirit, connect to cosmic laughter, promote spiritual and astral journeys, connect to the powers of Jupiter, increase scope & space, travel in time (towards the future), find solutions in complex and hopeless situations (there’s a solution for everything), maintain a higher perception of life and letting go in cases of death and grief for loved ones, disembark material limits, overcome materialism and atheism, sense for success, achieve felicity, and explore the house of God with its endless rooms.

“Beyond the clouds, there’s endless freedom.”

The silent enabler, Rhodium shares similar qualities with Iridium for REM, synaptic, and antioxidant capacities. More importantly, Rhodium magnifies the body’s natural capabilities to experience and form memories. Very popular with hypnotic, frequency and energy therapy, Rhodium adds to the foundation for self-discovery and enlightenment.

Rhodium and Iridium function so similarly that they are often called twins. They’re both present in the brain, and now it is known that around 5% of the dry weight of the brain is made of rhodium and iridium in this transitioned state. Like silver and gold, rhodium and iridium assist in the efficiency and performance of neural circuitry. Using these metals increases clarity and strength of the brain, making multitasking much simpler and more natural. They’ll also increase the vividness of dreams, and help with recall of them.

They’re both also becoming more and more known to have potent anti-aging properties. Rhodium is now being heavily researched as a means to treat cancer, although conclusive results have yet to be published. Because rhodium works with the central nervous system, mainly the brain, it’s also instrumental in moving the body towards using sunlight as an array of nutrients more associated with where the human mechanism is going, through a type of photosynthesis.

All of our products contain 250,000 parts per million of monatomic powder with the remaining ppm being distilled water. Real monatomic powder is near weightless under certain conditions, so you have to add something to it to be able to measure it, whether that be a dry filler such as other companies use to keep it in powdered form, or a liquid such as ours. The problem you get when you are adding dry filler is that anything you add to it can affect its potency and its ability to work as a superconductor. Water allows it to be measured without harming its potency.  


1 oz.


10 drops – one full dropper per day. One ounce should last one month if used everyday.


Water, Monoatomic Rhodium All our products are made from 99.99% pure metallic elements Alchemicaly transmuted into Monoatomic form, then mixed with purified water. 1/4 monoatomic powder mixed with 3/4 purified water giving it a concentration of 250,000 ppm monoatomic element.


2 reviews for Monoatomic Rhodium

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been taking this together with my husband for almost 2 weeks now and I can tell you that it does indeed has certain effects on your pineal gland (3rd eye).
    We have recently became interest in our spiritual side and activating our 3rd eye so this ORME seemed like a most needed help.
    I have been trying meditation for a week now and I admit that it wasn’t as easy as I was expecting as my mind is full of thoughts which just don’t want to go away. I have noticed that lately, if I take my 5 drops of monatomic Rhodium just before I start my meditation, I am able to get into a deep meditative state and after I finish I feel high pressure in the back of my head which is a good sign that your 3rd is awakening. My husband also managed to get into a deep state of meditation with the help of monatomic Rhodium.
    Our general behavior has improved and I connect easily with the nature since I am taking the Rhodium ORME. I feel the smell of the rain and the trees, everything that is around me I can connect to now. Things that I was not paying attention to before, now are important and make me happy. I laugh a lot, the daily stress had taken ownership of me and my life.
    I can see major changes in me and my husband, therefore I would definitely recommend this product if you want to become more spiritually inclined and for deeper meditation purposes.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love this products upholds to what it says, & effective within just a week of use, WOW, love all these products

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