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Monoatomic Rhodium

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Do something great for your soul. Open up those Chakras, look through your Third Eye, and see what higher connections await you with magnifying abilities of Monatomic Rhodium!

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Do something great for your soul. Open up those Chakras, look through your Third Eye, and see what higher connections await you with magnifying abilities of Monatomic Rhodium!

Rhodium is well-known as the companion element to Iridium, and it really does help that element work to maximize energy flow within the body. They work together to help your brain fire on all cylinders, and Rhodium and Iridium have been known to boost the performance of the circuitry and clarity of the mind. Increased mental strength, multitasking abilities, and dream recall await those who use these wonderful partners together!

But don’t count Rhodium out by itself; research has shown that Rhodium functions similar to plant photosynthesis in the central nervous system, moving your body towards the sunlight and allowing you to use a wide variety of nutrients that are crucial to your bodily functions. This also means it has a powerful magnifying quality for your mind, helping you remember experiences and form crucial memories. Much like its twin Iridium, Rhodium also has antioxidant effects and can enhance the REM cycle for improved rest.

Rhodium is a very popular element for those who use hypnotic, energy, and/or frequency therapy, as it can help the recipient find enlightenment within. Thus, it’s highly regarded for its reputed ability to help users: find feelings of freedom; open up and enhance Chakras; connect to Cosmic beings; enhance astral projection and spiritual journeys; travel towards the future; let go of grief and suffering; put aside material limitations and overcome entrenched materialism; explore the Universe and all it has to offer; and find solutions to seemingly hopeless situations. There’s a path to higher consciousness, and Rhodium can be an excellent guide!

All Monatomic Orme products contain 250,000 parts per million (PPM) of monatomic powder suspended in ionized water. Real monatomic powder is almost weightless, so an inert filler is used to allow it to be measured. We use a liquid filler so that nothing inhibits the potency and positive effects of the element, as dry fillers can be made with materials that affect how well it works.

All products are made from 99.99% pure metallic elements alchemically transmuted into monatomic form, then mixed with ionized water.


1 oz.


10 drops to one full dropper per day. Used every day, the element should last a month.


Ionized water, Monatomic Rhodium


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3 reviews for Monoatomic Rhodium

  1. Eyrene

    I have been taking this together with my husband for almost 2 weeks now and I can tell you that it does indeed has certain effects on your pineal gland (3rd eye).
    We have recently became interest in our spiritual side and activating our 3rd eye so this ORME seemed like a most needed help.
    I have been trying meditation for a week now and I admit that it wasn’t as easy as I was expecting as my mind is full of thoughts which just don’t want to go away. I have noticed that lately, if I take my 5 drops of monatomic Rhodium just before I start my meditation, I am able to get into a deep meditative state and after I finish I feel high pressure in the back of my head which is a good sign that your 3rd is awakening. My husband also managed to get into a deep state of meditation with the help of monatomic Rhodium.
    Our general behavior has improved and I connect easily with the nature since I am taking the Rhodium ORME. I feel the smell of the rain and the trees, everything that is around me I can connect to now. Things that I was not paying attention to before, now are important and make me happy. I laugh a lot, the daily stress had taken ownership of me and my life.
    I can see major changes in me and my husband, therefore I would definitely recommend this product if you want to become more spiritually inclined and for deeper meditation purposes.

  2. JEN

    Love this products upholds to what it says, & effective within just a week of use, WOW, love all these products

  3. John (verified owner)

    really good product, it just puts me in great mood and state of mind as if I am on vacation somewhere on an island, but I feel that way all the time under influence of Rhodium, it has great effect on relaxation and sleep, it grounds your nervous system and makes you feel as if everything is just fine no matter what, these are some of the initial reactions, but as one continues to take it for extended period of time it seems to have potential for something really great both physically and mentally, highly recommended A+ product.

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