Energetic Aura Pack

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Our Energetic Aura Pack will allow you to experience the full effects of each and every Monatomic element we carry. This package is for the most devoted beings on their journey toward spiritual and physical enlightenment. You receive a 1 oz bottle of each Monatomic product. Each bottle lasts for one month when taken by mouth (6-10 drops per day).

This package also includes Senus Being Complete Body, Spirit, and Mind Repair & Enhancement supplement. Sensu Being is the ultimate health supplement formulated and designed by the expert minds behind Human Ascend Inc. Years of research, trial and error and extensive testing have gone into perfecting Sensu Beings formulation, ingredients, and ratios.

NEW! Our Vegan Sensu Being formula is now available!!

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Our Energetic Aura Pack is one of the best deals we’ve announced to date. Any serious student of ORMUS or user of alchemic therapies absolutely cannot miss this limited-time bargain! We’re offering our fans the complete range of aura stimulating and energizing monatomic elements along with our new Sensu Being multivitamin in a convenient bundle for the low price of $850. This bundle will allow you to affordably implement the entire spectrum of monoatomic elements including the popular Gold, Platinum, Copper, M3 and Indium. All of these elements allow you to repair, refocus and energize your body as you continue your approach to spiritual ascension. Then take it to the next level! Sensu Being is a groundbreaking multivitamin formula that combines natural herbs, metals and monatomic elements to increase regenerative and healing potential including anti-oxidant, skincare and TORUS field stimulation.

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