Utilizing the Torus Energy Field

How we are Utilizing the Torus Energy Field for a Higher Level of Sustainable Energy and Human Ability

Each atom, and everything on the planet is surrounded by it’s own energy field known as The Torus. This self-sustaining balanced dynamic energy flow process, is the base for everything powerful on the planet; consisting of a single axis and two vortices. Energy passes through one vortex, along the center of the axis, out the other vortex, wraps back around the circumference and renews by passing through the original vortex. This shape can be clearly seen in some of nature’s most powerful creations: the tornado, the whirlpool, the black hole, magnetic fields, energy fields around planets and the sun, etc. It is also found around each living organism such as people and plants. The Earth’s Torus is run through the center of the planet and creates our atmosphere.

Each of our products and our concepts are all based around utilizing this naturally occurring miracle. There can be no equal in potential of the energy output or harmonization with nature. By basing science around this naturally occurring power-source we can achieve everything we have ever dreamed of and more, without any destruction, pollution or loss of land.

world with torus field

There is a common belief among people, particularly in North America, that we live in a very advanced society. While television programs and movies are getting noticeably more engaging and portraying some very advanced ideas, true scientific advancement is not moving at the speed it was in the last century. Major breakthroughs such as the steam-engine, flight, nuclear power, video, and computer science, rattled the world. However, since then we have been stuck re-inventing the wheel. Faster computer programs that fit into smaller and sleeker devices. Planes that can fly for longer times and have more comfort for passengers. Cell phones with newer and cooler applications, video chat, and organizational tools. All of these things are not advancements in science, they are advancements within the existing technology.

Torus energy surrounds everything

Each atom, and everything on the planet is surrounded by it’s own energy field known as The Torus. 

In reality, science is controlled by money. What is being researched, and how, when, and if, that research is shared with others, depends solely on the motivations of those controlling the money. Many know the story of how Nikoli Tesla’s experiment for wireless energy transmission was stifled by money over 100 years ago. The story has played out hundreds of times across a variety of ideas across the planet. From the medical applications to electronics and the energy generation, science has been pursued solely in the interest of profitability in so many incidents. But where are the results? We are still struggling with the most basic problems. The 3 rd world does not have the food or power required to sustain the people living there. Cancer and other disease continues to ruin lives. We are splitting apart atoms, the basis for all life, and using the power to boil water! Does this seem like we are moving forward?

At Monatomic Orme, we are moving forward with the intention to change the world. All of our technologies are created with the intention of ascension for the human race. We do not allow ourselves to be limited by the traditional obstacles science faces. We have formed our own financial Torus, in a manner of speaking. We develop and sell ascension technologies such as monatomic elements, and ionization products, then use the profits and relationships to make our SEG tech available globally.

Human Torus energy