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Monoatomic Platinum

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Platinum has been turning heads in the medical community for over a decade now, with its powerful anti-cancer qualities and “magnification” qualities for enhancing the natural healing powers of the body. Platinum represents strength and power. Platinum also has a powerful ability to help create focus.




Platinum has been turning heads in the medical community for over a decade now, with its powerful anti-cancer qualities and “magnification” qualities for enhancing the natural healing powers of the body. Platinum represents strength and power.

Platinum also has a powerful ability to help create focus. Often, platinum displays qualities of helping dreamers act in reality with great results.

Some of the benefits of Platinum include connection of the two brain hemispheres, reduction of ego, compulsion to judge, and competitiveness, enabling contact with the future self, promotion of inner peace, stabilization of inner equilibrium, improvement in the flow of subtle, cellular energies to activate circular flow of energies, cleansing of connections among ether bodies and improving their flow of energies and communication with another, intensifying light in, and awareness of, dark areas of our being (slowly but inevitably), strengthening of our assertiveness and discipline, overcoming obstacles and blockages, generation of a steady motivation to constantly move forward and to realize goals and visions, increasing courage and focus, improved decision-making ability.

Will help to coordinate the interaction between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, producing patterns similar to those found in those individuals who are long-term meditators, dominant alpha patterns become more alpha. Increased creativity, improved ability to learn, improved concentration and stress relief, have all been associated with harmonization and synchronization of brain wave activity.

Increased brain wave activity may reflect changes in a more consistent and directed use of mind energy. When the brain waves become more synchronized, between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, additional energy is created. This increased energy may result in increased usage of the brain and deeper understanding of what is being learned, which can enhance learning ability.

In trials with selected individuals who agreed to test it, Monatomic Platinum was said to give a positive aggression which allowed the recipient to think more clearly, act on the situation, and keep a calm demeanor at the same time. Also reported was the ability to read much quicker, while comprehending much better, a higher degree of understanding, in general, when being given information, ability to achieve much deeper focus, ability to say what one thinks while retaining the ability to consider what the other person is thinking and feeling. While we do not make any specific claims, the feedback we are getting has suggested that Monatomic Platinum may be of very valuable assistance in increasing brain activity, allowing recipients to effectively expand their mental capacity.

All of our products contain 250,000 parts per million of monatomic powder with the remaining ppm being distilled water. Real monatomic powder is near weightless under certain conditions, so you have to add something to it to be able to measure it, whether that be a dry filler such as other companies use to keep it in powdered form, or a liquid such as ours. The problem you get when you are adding dry filler is that anything you add to it can affect its potency and its ability to work as a superconductor. Water allows it to be measured without harming its potency.  


1 oz.


10 drops – one full dropper per day. One ounce should last one month if used everyday.


Water, Monoatomic Platinum All our products are made from 99.99% pure metallic elements Alchemicaly transmuted into Monoatomic form, then mixed with purified water. 1/4 monoatomic powder mixed with 3/4 purified water giving it a concentration of 250,000 ppm monoatomic element.


4 reviews for Monoatomic Platinum

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been using Platinum for about 7-8 months now. It has helped to build my immunity and I undoubtedly have much better focus. Walking into a room and forgetting why I went in there just doesn’t happen anymore! I found these monatomic products without a referral , so I tested them by dowsing. They prove to be the strongest and purest that I can find.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eyrene (verified owner)

    I have been using Platinum for 2 weeks now and many benefits have been seen for both me and my husband. I am more focused, before judging others (for minor things) was something I was doing without even being aware; now I am so self aware and feel sorry when I do it and I do not like it. This has reduced drastically and I think is amazing.
    I am more organised and I can do many things in one day: work, kids, gym, we started a small business, cooking, homework, paperwork, meditation etc, whilst previously I was just too tired to do anything or the amount of things that I needed to do was just too overwhelming and I was ending up doing the bear minimum.
    I am more aware to the things around me and to the present moment and live more in the present, fact which has a huge impact on my life and makes me happy and I can connect to people, nature.
    I think Platinum is amazing and I would recommend this to anyone who seeks to become more aware, organised, focused.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love this essence, its powerfully effective & works quickly I noticed within a week, lives up to its claims

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jesse (verified owner)

    I noticed especially on the days when doing Qi Gong, or yoga the effect of this product. It really helped me to react less to distractions, thoughts, and just be in those challenging situations. The effects after one ounce were marked, and after a month off I am excited to see what the next bottle can bring out in me!

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