What Are The Anti-Inflammatory Benefits Of Monatomic Elements?


Our body does a lot of work to try and take care of itself. One of these natural processes is inflammation, but over time, if the body isn’t able to control it, chronic inflammation can cause many different illnesses. This is why people of all ages need to manage how their body uses inflammation, and certain Monatomic elements can help!

What Is Inflammation?


Inflammation is natural in the body – very generally speaking, inflammation is the body’s immune system’s response to an irritant. When a wound swells up and turns painful and red, it is a sign that inflammation is working. Whether it’s an injury, a germ, or the intrusion of a foreign object such as a splinter, the body uses signals to send agents called “antibodies” to fight the problem and heal the area.


monatomic-figure-body-imageUnfortunately, the body can overuse inflammation. Poor diets, a lack of exercise, or damaged limbs or organs can create situations where the body continuously signals that it needs bodies to “fight” something that isn’t there. These antibodies end up harming the area, eating away at tissue and causing long-term health issues.


Runaway inflammation is a major factor behind chronic illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis, and even neurodegenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. There are many dietary and supplementary ways to reduce inflammation, such as antioxidants and feeding proper gut bacteria. The right Monatomic elements can also boost the anti-inflammatory properties your body needs!


Monatomic Copper: The Best Anti-Inflammatory Monatomic Choice


Most of this damage occurs at a cellular level as the antibodies wear down tissue. This can damage the membranes, organelles, and DNA of a cell, all of which are important for healthy bodily functioning. Certain Monatomic elements can help renew these cells and how they work together, reducing the effects of an inflammatory response. monatomic-oil-body-image



For reducing inflammation, Monatomic Copper is known to be one of the best. You need to get a small amount of the element copper in your diet to prevent the growth of microbes like E Coli in the body, as well as help your body process amino acids and vitamins. It has an important role in the healing process, and when taken daily, this element has been known to improve your body’s 

ability to heal wounds. 


Copper is something we have to get through our diet, and it has to come in a form our bodies can process. Monatomic Copper is very helpful in this regard; when reduced at the molecular level, the copper can get through the cell’s membrane. The anti-inflammatory effects have been known to protect cell membranes and reduce the effects of inflammatory diseases like arthritis. On top of this, it can help your body synthesize hemoglobin, melanin, elastin, collagen, and even myelin around nerves. It can help your organs make use of sugar, synthesize adenosine triphosphate for energy, and improve the function of your thyroid. 


Of course, many other elemental supplements also have a positive effect on inflammation. Gold, Indium, and Iridium are all great options, too, and you’ll find they have many other positive effects!