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Following in the path of Monatomic O.R.M.E founder David Hudson

David Hudson discovered Monoatomic gold, which has also been referred to as Monatomic Gold, white powder gold, or ORMUS. These elements are found in many naturally occurring sources, and can be gathered and isolated through common chemistry processes. To achieve a far higher potency/concentration, we later discovered that monoatomic structure could be manufactured from pure metallic minerals using alchemy.

Monatomic Gold

Mono-atomic element structuring is the root of what we do. A common, metallic gold molecule is formed with atom clusters bound together by shared electrons. Upon breaking these bonds it is possible to isolate a single gold atom, or “mono-atomic gold”. The gold then sheds its metallic properties and takes on a powdered, ingestible form. This is necessary for the body to process the mineral as taking it in metallic form would cause heavy metal poisoning. Monatomic Elements however, are completely safe to be processed by the body while retaining their super conductivity. In essence “gold-plating” your central nervous system.

White Powder Gold

The resulting white powder is nearly weightless and only exists on 5/9 physical level and therefore requires a “filler” material to hold it together. We use pure, ionized water. The abundant (or anion) electrons are the perfect medium to stabilize the monoatomic elements for ingestion. Although, Mr. Hudson has become recluse for many years, we carry on his teachings, commitment to quality elements and human ascension.


The S.E.G

Searl Canada

This state-of-the-art system works in tandem with the environment to create clean, affordable, sustainable energy. How? Its open energy cycle. The SEG functions as both a prime mover of mechanical rotors and as an electrical generator that interacts and processes energy from the natural environment.

Monatomic Orme

Monatomic Ormus

Our Monatomic Elements are the purest and the highest potency that you can find on the web today! With many different options available to help aid in your path to enlightenment and ascension. Shop online at Monatomic Orme now!

Anion Ionizers


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Step into a world where ancient alchemy meets modern science at Monatomic Orme, your gateway to unparalleled well-being. Our range of monatomic elements offers a unique path to holistic health, unlike anything you've experienced before. Utilizing advanced alchemical processes, we unlock the potential of various elements in their monatomic form, providing you with a distinct wellness experience. These rare elements, in their pure and unbound state, interact harmoniously with your body. They offer benefits that go beyond conventional supplements, enhancing your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Embrace the transformative power of Monatomic Gold, Platinum, Silver, and more, each meticulously crafted for your wellness journey.

Customized Wellness with Monatomic Elements

Monatomic Orme's supplements stand apart in the realm of wellness. Unlike typical diatomic or polyatomic elements, our monatomic supplements are singular atoms, unattached and uniquely reactive. This distinct state allows them to interact more effectively with your body's natural biochemistry. Our monatomic elements, devoid of usual atomic bonds, are primed to provide you with an extraordinary level of wellness enhancement. Each atom, in its pristine form, is a powerhouse of potential, waiting to synergize with your body's needs. From bolstering cognitive functions to enhancing physical vigor, these elements offer a spectrum of health benefits rarely found in conventional health supplements. Experience the difference with our range of monatomic products, each a testament to the fusion of nature's offerings and scientific innovation.

At Monatomic Orme, we recognize the uniqueness of every individual's journey towards wellness. We provide the flexibility for you to mix and match different monatomic elements, creating a regimen that aligns perfectly with your personal health goals. Enhance your mental sharpness with Monatomic Gold, invigorate your vitality with Monatomic Platinum, or find serenity with Monatomic Balance - the combinations are limitless. Our team of knowledgeable experts is always ready to assist you in crafting a custom regimen that meets your specific needs. Embrace the power of personalized wellness and begin your journey to a more balanced and enriched life with Monatomic Orme.

Discover Premium Monatomic Gold With Effective Results

Our Monatomic Gold is sourced with unmatched purity, ensuring you receive the most potent benefits it has to offer. Experience a sense of clarity and an elevated state of consciousness that many users report. Harness the power of this element that has captured the attention of both ancient alchemy and modern science. Dive deep into the potential cognitive benefits, as Monatomic Gold is believed by many to facilitate heightened awareness and intuition. Although the full extent of its capabilities continue to be explored, the allure of Monatomic Gold remains as vibrant as ever.

Unlock the secrets and elevate your state of being. Explore our collection and learn more about the transformative power of Monatomic Gold today.

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