The Torus

Simply put, the torus is nature’s perfect balanced dynamic energy flow process. It consists of a central axis, vortices at each end, and a surrounding energy field. The energy flows through one vortex, moves along the axis, out the second vortex, wraps back around the circumference, and passes again through the original vortex. This closed, self-sustaining system is widely accepted to represent perfection of energy flow.

This torus is at the root of all forms. Every atom, cell, animal, planet, person, planetoid, and even the galaxy itself, is at the core, a torus. These forms are easily recognizable in many of nature’s most powerful and simple creations. Whirl-pools and tornados; apples and tree trunks, the Earth, Sun and entire galaxy; are all examples of the torus energy field.

The Human Torodial Field

Humans, both as individuals and in groups, also are surrounded by a toroidal field. The axis of the field passes through the crown of the head and out the center of the groin. The strength of the field is directly related to the vitality of the person it surrounds. Each person’s torus in unique but also open to interconnecting with the fields of others.

The combined strength of human torus fields connecting together is best demonstrated when attending events or parties. . Our energy fields can create a sub-conscious kind of telepathy.

Think a large group of people all being exposed to any form of intense media such as a football game or musical concert. The euphoric feeling one experiences as a part of a group all enjoying an event together can be explained through this science. You see, the human body which consists mostly of water is very affected by sound and vibration. This, in turn, can amplify the toroidal field surrounding the body and, in groups, create a sort of human “wifi” as the tori grow and connect. This stimuli and combination effect give the group much stronger power both as individuals and especially overall. The deep, spiritual feeling of interconnectedness is extremely addictive and powerful. All emotions and feelings are infinitely amplified as others combine their energy to the group feeling. This helps us to understand the incredible popularity of concerts and sporting events as well as the effect of mob mentality. Anger can quickly become rage, happiness can become euphoric joy.

Human torodial field

The Torus of the Universe

The power of the torus is likely best demonstrated when we look to the stars. You see, our entire universe is both created from and orbitally controlled, by the many tori. The largest and most powerful torus is at the very center of the Galaxy – the black hole. The Brahma emitted from the black hole is the most influential force ever discovered. Embedded within the black hole’s field is another toroidal field (our galaxy, The Milky Way), and embedded within that is the heliosphere (the field surrounding our Sun) and deeper embedded in within that, is our life-giving torus – the Earth’s atmosphere.

All of the tori are influenced by and feeding off of each other. Ecosystems within the Earth, plant-life, oceans, animals, all the way down to amoebas and single-celled organisms are all directly influenced (and directly influence) the Earth’s atmosphere, and on a very small level, all other connected tori. Through the dynamic exchange of energy we can envision the universal toroidal system connecting every cell and atom connected through our bodies and consciousness, intertwine all of the way up through the atmosphere and through the entire universe!

It is a beautiful thing to comprehend and envision!

Torus of the Universe