Monatomic Iridium Powder

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Monatomic Iridium Powder blends the serene potential of Iridium with enriching earth minerals, offering a protective embrace against negative energies. Experience a fortification of mental and physical well-being, and discover solace in the calm and clarity it may bring to every cell.

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Our Monatomic Iridium Powder blends the serene potential of Our Iridium with enriching ancient earth minerals, offering a protective embrace against negative energies. Experience a fortification of mental and physical well-being, and discover solace in the calm and clarity it may bring to every cell.

We include a scoop in the jars and recommend that you take 1 scoop per day.

You can mix the powder with water, and then drink.

In a world filled with negative energies and emotional challenges, Our Monatomic Iridium Powder serves as a sanctuary of tranquility and resilience. This unique blend of Our Monatomic Iridium Powder and carefully selected ancient mineral deposits is not just about shielding the body and mind from adverse effects; it’s about nurturing inner peace and enhancing mental clarity.

At its heart, Our Monatomic Iridium powder is celebrated for its rapid absorption and profound potential to stabilize the mind. Noted for its antioxidant properties, Our Iridium is seen as offering a rejuvenating pause, potentially slowing the aging process and imbuing both body and mind with renewed vitality. It promotes a beacon of calm, encouraging improved sleep quality, enriching REM cycles, and fostering an environment conducive to positive energies.

All Monatomic Orme powders contain 250,000 parts per million (PPM) of our monatomic powder, naturally sourced using David Hudson’s original method, bonded in our diverse mineral deposit mix. Real monatomic powder is almost weightless, so an inert filler is used so it can be measured. We use a ancient earth mineral filler so that nothing inhibits the potency and positive effects of the element.

The integration with a diverse mineral deposit mix enriches this transformative journey, with each element selected for its complementary effects on our Monatomic Iridium powder:

Sedona Ancient Earth Mineral Deposits: May intensify Monatomic Iridium’s capacity to balance and harmonize energy flows within the body, with Sedona’s unique electromagnetic properties and vortex energies potentially elevating mental clarity and emotional balance, fostering spiritual awakening and psychic ability enhancement.

Dead Sea Salts: The mineral-rich composition of Dead Sea salts is thought to work synergistically with Monatomic Iridium, potentially amplifying its skin and health-rejuvenating properties. By detoxifying and nourishing the body, these salts might enhance the anti-aging benefits of our Monatomic Iridium, promoting healthier skin, hair, and overall physical well-being.

Shilajit: Rich in fulvic acid and minerals, Shilajit is believed to enhance the revitalizing effects of our Monatomic Iridium on hormone production and energy levels. This combination may support cognitive functions and mental acuity, contributing to robust vitality and the body’s capacity for regeneration and rejuvenation.

Humic and Fulvic Acids: These organic compounds are thought to significantly improve the body’s ability to absorb and utilize our Monatomic Iridium, enhancing immune strength and mental wellness. Acting as natural chelators, they potentially make our Monatomic Iridium more bioavailable and effective in promoting health and vitality.

Meteorite Seabed Impact Deposits: The extraordinary energy from these deposits is said to amplify the spiritual and meditative benefits of our Monatomic Iridium, deepening the user’s connection to the cosmos and enhancing spiritual exploration and growth, enriching meditative experiences and spiritual practices.

Diatomaceous Earth: Supporting our Monatomic Iridium’s detoxifying effects, Diatomaceous Earth aids in digestive health and enhances nutrient absorption, contributing essential minerals to the body and complementing Monatomic Iridium’s role in improving physical health for holistic upliftment.

Peat Humus: Provides a grounding effect to the spiritual and mental uplift offered by Monatomic Iridium, enriching the body with ancient, life-sustaining nutrients. It boosts the overall transformative impact, aiming for a balanced improvement in the user’s well-being.


Our Monatomic Iridium Powder transcends traditional wellness supplements, offering a balanced shield against negativity while fostering a serene mental state and promoting physical health. By combining the elemental power of Our Iridium with the nurturing essence of earth’s minerals, it provides a holistic approach to protection and tranquility. Embrace this blend to gracefully navigate life’s challenges, emerging with renewed peace and clarity.

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