Is Monatomic Gold Good For The Brain?

Many people start using Monatomic Gold because of how it can improve their spiritual and physical well-being. But this element has many benefits for mental improvement, too! This is because Monatomic Gold’s unique characteristics enhance subtle energy to improve the body’s signaling abilities.

How Does Monatomic Gold Affect The Brain?

goldTo understand how Monatomic Gold benefits the brain, it helps to learn how monatomic elements work. Alchemists create monatomic elements by dissolving molecular clusters, reducing them to one atom per particle. The resulting material (in this case, gold) is in what’s called the “m-state,” appearing as a fine white powder. This powder is chemically inert, stable, nonconductive, and heat resistant; because of this, it comes in a filler substance so that the alchemist can capture the molecules for the body to use.

When reduced to its singular state, Monatomic Gold contains electrons that are in what’s called a “high spin.” This is also called torsion, and its vibrational patterns create the “subtle energy” believed to cause forces of nature like electromagnetism and gravity. This helps the elements act as a superconductor at room temperature, showing characteristics of energy production and receiving, saving and releasing energy without a loss.

What does that mean for your brain? Because Monatomic Gold improves the use of subtle energy in the body, it improves its signaling capabilities- and all signals start with the brain.



Why Monatomic Gold Is Good For The BrainBrain wave activity during sleep

Our brain uses electricity to send signals to the rest of the body through the nervous system. Research suggests that we can enhance this signaling by turning the cells into “superconductors” of energy to improve the communication between them. Monatomic Gold atoms are reduced to a small enough size so they can enter the cells through the membranes. Once inside, the particles attach themselves to the inner organelles and the DNA. When Monatomic Gold upgrades the conductivity of the DNA, the cells can send signals much faster, increasing the flow of energy through the body.

This is why many Monatomic Gold users experience improved brain function and enhanced focus. Using the knowledge of how cells use this element, we can infer that the neurons and glia (the two most populous types of brain cells) improve their ability to send signals to each other and the rest of the body through the central nervous system. The commonly-reported results are a better focus, improved emotional health, and increased brain capacity.

The ability of monatomic elements to enhance the body’s subtle energies also means they can stimulate and strengthen the higher senses seated in the brain. Many consistent consumers of Monatomic Gold say that the supplement activates dormant senses such as clairvoyance and telepathy. If you’re trying to strengthen your aura and uncover psychic abilities you think are present, Monatomic Gold is known to help!