Spiritual Vitality Pack

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This package is intended to keep the physical body in very top condition using a combination of popular elements and our new Sensu Being multivitamin at a great price. Combine the increased immunity from silver, with increased bone marrow, red blood cell, and semen production from Gold, increased muscle & tissue strength from Osmium, plus the increased uptake of nutrients from Indium.

This package also includes Sensu Being Complete Body, Spirit, and Mind Repair & Enhancement supplement. Sensu Being is the ultimate health supplement formulated and designed by the expert minds behind Human Ascend Inc. Years of research, trial and error and extensive testing have gone into perfecting Sensu Beings formulation, ingredients, and ratios.

NEW! Our Vegan Sensu Being formula is now available!!

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In uncertain times it’s very important to remain spiritually and physically strong. But we know our customers strive to achieve even more than that! Go beyond your important daily monatomic supplement routine with our advanced Spiritual Vitality Pack available for a limited time only. This amazing value pack includes our popular pure and liquid-suspended monatomic elements Osmium, Silver, Indium, and Gold at a highly reduced rate alongside our newest health supplement Sensu Being. Your ORMUS pursuit and monatomic elements infusion regimen will never be the same with the added benefit of Sensu Being’s blend of natural herbs, metals and high ppm monoatomic elements. Get our Spiritual Vitality bundle at this new and exciting low rate while supplies last!

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