Five Tips For Beating The Winter Blues

With a lack of sun, warmth, and fresh air, many people find themselves feeling depressed in the winter months. Beating the winter blues means overcoming some obstacles, mental health and weather-wise, but it can be done. From exercise to yoga to monatomics, follow these five tips to make sure you enter spring feeling great.

Stay Active

Exercise is a great way to help mental health. This is because the increase in blood flow delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, supporting your neurons and increasing serotonin levels. Staying active is a great stress reliever, it improves sleep, and it even can improve memory! Find some fitness regimens you can do indoors, like Pilates or yoga (more on that below!) and clear a little space for yourself. It’s a great first step to feeling better and beating seasonal depression.


If you can’t go out, look in. Winter can be a time of negative thoughts, but we can turn negativity back in on itself, turning the winter doldrums into a time of serious contemplation. One of the best ways to achieve this is through meditation! It’s a great way to calm anxious thoughts and practice mindfulness. Controlled breathing exercises – paying attention to your breath as it goes in and out – can really slow anxious thoughts, increase oxygen in the bloodstream, and improve your inner mind’s eye.

Keep Your Energies Flowing

Your energy field is defined by your aura, the light that surrounds your body. It’s created and sustained by the flow of energy, kept in motion by your chakras. If your chakras are blocked and the energy can’t flow properly, negative thoughts can build up and fester, making the winter months worse. Choosing the right monatomic supplement, like Monatomic Gold, can help to clear up blockages that impede your energy flow. Combined with meditation and exercise, you will feel much more energized, in both body and mind.

Take Up Yoga

Yoga combines aspects of meditation and fitness into one great package. This low impact exercise and the breathing techniques it encourages will focus and soothe an anxious mind, helping you get through winter in a much more positive state of being. It’s also one of the best indoor exercises around!

Communicate With Other People

When you’re feeling seasonally depressed or anxious, reaching out to other people might seem hard. That’s okay! However long it takes, make the effort to meet up with people, see family, or talk to a friend on the phone. If you’re comfortable, open up about the struggles you might be having, and talk about the steps you’re taking to feel better. A sympathetic ear can relieve so much burden, and contact that’s away from screens can make you feel less isolated and alone. Even if you’re a textbook introvert, it can help you feel a bit better!