Five Steps To Ascension

A common goal for yoga and meditation practitioners is something called ascension. Ascension is stepping into a higher consciousness and accepting this new state of mind, body, and spirit. Though not everyone’s journey to ascension is the same, there are five common steps that come with raising your consciousness.

Awaken To The New Realities

The journey has to begin with an awakening, self-realization that most dogmas and belief systems have political rather than spiritual uses. Instead of teaching truth, they have allowed people to attain and preserve power. These dogmas have conditioned many people to believe that certain ideas are inherently better than those of other cultures and promoted tribal superiority. Before one can take any further steps to ascension, they need to let go of these ideas and let the flow unconditional peace reach all beings equally.

This also involves acceptance – of the impermanence of things, including your own body, and how the universe is in a constant state of flux. A practitioner does not have to perfectly accept these things or constantly subsume negative thoughts, but acceptance in and of itself is the start and will act as a constant reminder for you on your journey. 

Taking On A Cleansing And Healing Faith

Since birth, most of us have been conditioned to believe in the physical, and nothing but the physical. This creates a push and pulls between the physical and spiritual parts of the self, and the impulse will be to hold on to greed, material living, and the ego while also wanting to get rid of them in favor of compassion, devotion, and love. 

We can overcome the hardships of this divide by involving more healing processes and connecting to our spiritual selves through meditation, yoga, monatomic elements, and other ways to live a more whole life. 

Rising Above

By now, a practitioner is becoming more attuned to the spiritual self. In time, one should carefully examine this self and try to heal by letting go of any past issues and any difficulties. It’s like a spiritual detox of the physical body, and it’s essential to let go of the old anxieties, grudges, and pressures on the way to ascension. Again, yoga, meditation, and supplements like Monatomic Gold can make this process easier and healthier. 

It’s easier to do this as we strengthen our positive consciousness. This positive consciousness allows practitioners to take more responsibility for their own path. This helps purify our minds of the negative thoughts that block the chakras and harm the strength of the aura and we can start to live with the goal of moving forward on the path to higher consciousness. 

Recognizing The Higher Self

When one finally lets go of the negative physical attributes and replaces them with a life of spiritual purity, the practitioner can feel the beginning of the rebirth. A heightening of energy frequencies and “skills” like clairvoyance, astral projection, and stronger detection of auras come to the practitioner as they attain a higher level of consciousness. 

The journey to ascension requires acceptance of this, even for those who have already been awakened to new realities. At this stage, this is all about coming to the realization that the true self actually exists beyond time and space. 

Reaching Ascension 

The final step is reaching the higher plane of consciousness, or achieving ascension. Some call this divinity, others call it the Fifth Dimension, or Heaven, or Liberation, but not all journeys are the same – to think so would be rejecting the new realities. The purified practitioner will have successfully replaced the negatives with positive emotions, and come to understand where the real identity is. Successfully reaching ascension means we come to the understanding that we are the pure consciousness in a body, we are eternal, and we have access to higher minds. The entire universe is within us, and we are in tune the entire universe.