How To Quiet The Mind During The Holiday Season

quiet the mind during the holidays - monatomic orme

The holidays should be filled with joy and peace, but many of us feel stress and overexertion instead. Quieting the mind is important for relieving this stress and keeping a healthy perspective on all the demands you’ll encounter. While it can seem impossible, it’s easier than you might think!

Use Visualization Meditation

meditating during the holidays - monatomic ormeVisualization meditation is the key to practicing many important calming techniques. You, your family, and your loved ones go through similar and predictable experiences every year, and you can use some foreknowledge to help quiet your mind when enduring them again. This meditation can help you come up with coping strategies and lessen the stressful blows.

Start by closing your eyes and visualizing an ordinary holiday situation in your mind. Whether the circumstances are a crowded mall, a political disagreement at the dinner table, or any other event that might cause feelings of tension, see it vividly in your mind’s eye and watch the event play out. As you visualize these events, breathe in deeply and let the scenario play out while you remain centred. Do this several times over the holidays until you feel less stressed out by the situations playing in your mind. 


Ground Yourself To The Earth’s Energies

grounding yourself during the holidays - monatomic ormeGrounding or earthing is a therapeutic technique that focuses on reconnecting with the earth and realigning your body’s energy to it. By redistributing the energy from your head throughout your body, you can centre yourself and calm down. Many seasonal activities began as pagan rituals celebrating a kinship with the earth, and grounding can bring the festivities back to their roots and help you feel a renewed sense of purpose!

While making a direct connection with the earth is helpful, it isn’t feasible in winter. Wherever you may be, slowing down, watching your breath, and taking on a stationary “tree” pose can ground your energy. Turning your cells into mini superconductors can help the flow of energy throughout your body, and you can do this with the help of Monatomic Gold.


Keep Yourself Balanced

balance during the holidays - monatomic ormeStaying balanced is important, and this means staying present. As the days go by, remember to focus on the energy within you, not only the energy around you. Take plenty of time to reflect on why you’re celebrating a holiday and how you are treating yourself. Breathe deeply, clear your auras, keep a crystal close, and help the energy flow through your body with Monatomic elements. These simple tactics will quiet your mind wherever you are this holiday season!


Be Kind Through The Holidays

Though it’s the season to be jolly, many people don’t feel it. Practice being patient and go out of your way to be kind because most people likely have anxieties and stress of their own. If you approach each person you encounter with greater kindness, you could help everyone relax more and live in the moment. They may not appreciate it at the time, but it’s better for yourself, too. 

Kindness during the holidays sometimes can take effort, but with enough practice, it can become a good habit. Don’t forget self-kindness, too – let mistakes go and be gentler with yourself during the season!