The Mind & Meditation

Person standing in the sun set

The brain is one of the most important parts of our body (Obviously!), but sometimes we forget to take care of it…Our brain is the center and protection of our pineal gland. Many factors in our everyday life can affect your brain in negative ways. Alcohol, drugs, chemicals, certain foods, trauma, stress and much more can affect your brain. This can lead to mental disorders, day-to-day stress or even just simply having a headache! Meditation is a tool that we can all use.

Using MRI scans we can actually see the differences in our brains before and after meditation. After meditation, your brain is not processing information as actively as before which is why you may feel relaxed. You can see a decrease in beta waves and an increase in grey matter throughout the brain. Overall, meditation targets your brain the most out of your whole body so you can feel less anxiety and much healthier in your mind.

Meditation can make you recognize emotions and focus better. Some people report having a much better memory after long-term meditation as well. This can lead to better cognitive functions during the average human aging process. There are many apps, books, and websites that offer a wide range of different meditations techniques so you can start healing today. Start on a new path for a healthy and positive lifestyle with meditation to enhance your use of monatomic elements.