How Do Monatomic Elements Reinforce Your Immune System?

This time of year (especially this year), people are often looking to supplement their diets to enhance their immunity. These supplements must give your body a helping hand at the tiniest level possible to make it through the cold and flu season healthy and well.

Your body’s immune system can get a much-needed boost by taking monatomic elements. They have been known to work by enhancing cells and stimulating the creation of these cells to strengthen your body’s ability to resist foreign agents.

How Monatomic Elements Reinforce Your Immune System

The immune system is a series of specialized organs and cells that fight off foreign agents. Because it’s made up of many parts, it works at its best when the whole body can support itself. The body needs to use the nutrients from your diet, generate a strong support system of viral-fighting cells, and work in a holistic way to aid the flow of energy through every part of your system. These improvements start at the smallest level: the DNA inside your cells.


Elemental supplements like Monatomic Gold can penetrate the cells and coat the DNA to turn them into “superconductors.” This gold plating increases the cell’s ability to work together and spread energy throughout the body. When your immune system gets the energy and regeneration it needs to create red and white blood cells, you’ll be able to fight off bacterial and viral infections. 

There are other benefits, too! Another way elements like Monatomic Gold have been known to boost and strengthen your immune system is by revitalizing the performance of the thymus gland. Some research has found that they can enhance the production of red blood cells and stimulate the regeneration of damaged DNA throughout your body.


Monatomic Silver and the Infinite Immune Package

Silver has a reputation as an antibacterial, and for good reason! This element has shown an ability to stop the oxygen-metabolizing enzymes used by single-celled pathogens to stay alive. Any bacteria, virus, or fungi that comes near this element suffocates and dies before it can do damage. It also left beneficial enzymes alone, making it much more positive of a presence than antibiotics. This is why elements like Monatomic Silver are known to enhance the immune system’s ability to fight off infections from foreign agents.  

This is why we include Monatomic Silver in the Infinite Immune Package. This group of supplements includes the right combination of elements to keep your physical body in tip-top shape. It unites the increased immunity from Monatomic Silver; the increased bone marrow, red blood cell, and semen production from Monatomic Gold; the increased muscle and tissue strength from Monatomic Osmium; and the increased uptake of nutrients from Monatomic Indium. This package is perfect for this time of year!