Why Are Monatomics Sometimes Referred To As Starfire?

Throughout history, monatomic elements and their closest approximations have gone through many different names: manna, White Gold, the Philosopher’s Stone, etc. “Monatomic” is a name we can give it because we now know how elements are constructed, but another ancient name has stuck for these elements, particularly Monatomic Gold: Starfire. 

Why Are Monatomics Often Called Starfire?

The name Starfire sounds intriguing, and there’s a lot of truth in it. Looking through ancient manuscripts, there is considerable proof that civilizations like Sumer and Egypt knew how elements, altered through alchemy, affected their bodies. This is because the goal of alchemy wasn’t just to turn lead into gold. It comes from a long history of science and mysticism that was rooted in the idea that everything around us contains a universal spirit

It makes sense that the ancients, knowing how it affected their bodies, tried to use it as a way to connect with something greater than themselves. Precious metals were believed to be alive and growing from inside the Earth. Ancient alchemists thought (rightly) that if they could tap into these natural processes, the alchemists could harness valuable attributes like the power to heal and prolong life. 

Our contemporary knowledge shows that the ancients held ideas that weren’t too far off from the truth. We now know how monatomic elements use our subtle energy to enhance the movement of light through the body. At room temperature, a supplement like Monatomic Gold is a superconductor. It is small enough to be taken into the cells and turn them into conductors themselves. This improves the utilization and flow of light energy throughout the body. Monatomics help the cells produce energy and receive, save and release light energy without loss.

The Power Of Light Energy

Researchers theorize that the electrons of the monatomic bond with the positrons and form opposite momentum light bands around the nucleus. This enhances the energy conductivity of the cell, helping it both absorb and emit light that can move past resistances in the body built up from years of imbalance. This increased light energy gives many monatomic elements to the nickname Starfire. 

Light is important; it’s the essence of all life on earth. Without this energy coming off the Sun, nothing would be possible. It’s only fitting that we use this energy at a cellular level for improved physical and spiritual health. Monatomic elements can help unify and heal the body, mind, and soul by creating a continuous flow of positive light throughout the whole body. The subtle energy released by this flow strengthens auras, opens chakras, and clarifies the mind.

It has been said that we are all made of stardust. Whether it’s called Starfire, manna, or White Gold, Monatomic Gold supplements can help the mind get a little closer to the element from which we all came. In doing so, you’ll feel them light the internal fire of your spirit!