Ormus Long-Term Effects

Monatomics are also known as M-state or Ormus materials (Ormus being an acronym for “Orbitally Rearranged Molecules of Unusual Size”). These molecules make up a surprisingly high percentage of the mass of organic matter, but when these elements are isolated to their constituent parts through alchemical processes, they exhibit incredible properties. These properties are believed to work in your body at an infinitesimal level, down into the cellular structure, helping your body do more.

How can you expect to feel after taking Ormus supplements regularly? Many users feel more energetic, more conscious of their surroundings, and feel more attuned to the powers of the mind!

Raised Consciousness From Ormus Long-Term Effects

Some researchers believe the feelings of increased mental energy comes because an element like gold, when reduced to a monatomic state, increases the efficiency of both the brain and the body. Some users might even begin feeling what can best be described as a “high”, but not in the sense of certain narcotics – more like a feeling of elevation. The effect is known as “raised consciousness.”

Raised consciousness is thought to stem from the increased amount of energy being freed as the cells become more conducive, and thus more efficient. The behaviour of the molecules themselves also means they are believed to respond to intent, helping us interact with the world in a more conscious way. This is one of the best long-term effects of monatomic elements, and they can help you live your life with more purpose.

It’s one of the side effects that happens when your physical, mental, and spiritual structures move towards what is known as the “light body” or “subtle body”. This is your body becoming closer to a different plane of consciousness through, the evolution of the DNA. The light body is much more attuned to higher dimensions, and you can look forward to this long-term effect.

With Monatomics, The Body Begins Repairing Itself

Monatomics are great for repairing the cumulative damage one’s body, mind, and spirit have taken. This scarring can mean blockages in how your energy flows through the body, the blocking off of particularly difficult memories and emotions, and the inability to feel with extra sensory perceptions. This can be repaired, but it could take some time, and you might feel it happening to you.

Certain types of monatomics can help repair the flow of energy by turning the cells into tiny superconductors. As the movement of energy is repaired, the body is able to utilize more of the nutrients and increase production of necessary cells and tissue. Users might feel positive emotions become stronger, their chakras become more open, and their aura can grow more powerful.

Depending on what you’re taking monatomic elements for, you can place yourself into mental or physical states without much improvement. Many Ormus materials are complementary, and they can work in tandem to bring out your best self. Different packages and systems can help you get to that much-desired state of light body, with other lasting results as a side effect!