What Monatomic Element Reduces Stress The Most?

The effects of stress on the body are well known, but many people don’t understand them until experiencing them first-hand. Sleepless nights, losses of appetite, and high blood pressure are all common effects

On top of these, stress makes other mental health issues worse: anxiety, panic, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and phobias are all more serious in times of serious pressure. If you’re feeling the strain of stress, what Monatomic supplements do the best work?

Monatomic Gold


This lets your natural energy, known as chi, flow through every part of the body, helping decrease the number of negative thoughts and the amount of bad energy that occurs with stress. It supports the emotions and energy as they flow through the body to strengthen the aura, and this itself has some incredible side effects! The user can develop keen insight, and it has been known to heighten psychic abilities.

Monatomic Rhodium

Stress is worsened by a lack of sleep, creating a feedback loop that can have serious impacts on how we handle the pressure. Rhodium is an element that helps stimulate the melatonin in the brain, regulating sleep and enhancing the function of the immune, thyroid, and adrenal systems. 

A healthy way to cope with stress is by doing mindful exercises like yoga, meditation, and energy therapies. Monatomic Rhodium is a very popular element for people who use hypnotic, energy, and frequency therapy, as it is known to help the user find enlightenment within. Making the journey to enlightenment is a great way to alleviate stress!

Monatomic M3

One of the best choices for fighting stress includes both Gold and Rhodium: the carefully-balanced mixture of Monatomic M3. It’s an inert blend of Monatomic Rhodium (70%), Monatomic Iridium (15%), and Monatomic Gold (15%); we calibrated these ratios to have a balancing effect on the body at every level – physical, mental, and spiritual. 

M3 is great because it combines three elements known to make up a large part of the brain – more than 5%. The supplemental intake at a monatomic level is believed to help the brain work together for physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. The Rhodium and Iridium are also known to work off each other to enhance the REM sleep cycle, improving the effect rest can have on the brain.

Don’t let stress win. Different therapies, healthy exercise, and natural supplements like Monatomic Gold, Monatomic Rhodium, and M3 can help you combat stress!