What Is The Difference Between Colloidal and Monatomic Gold?

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Gold has long been sought after in the alchemical sciences, and turning lead into gold was one of the major goals of alchemists throughout history. We know more about the ancient scientists and their uses of monatomics, and their associations of gold with status and prestige might hint at something more, but it’s hard to say they knew the real story behind what gold can achieve in the body.

There are two major types of gold reduced to its molecular state: colloidal gold and monatomic gold. While they sound the same, these two types of gold are reduced to their elemental states in different ways, and thus they have different impacts on your health and spiritual well-being!

Colloidal Gold Versus Monatomic Gold

Monatomic OrmeColloidal gold is created when gold is reduced to their molecular structure in the form of nanoparticles; these are then suspended in a fluid, usually water, and are consumed this way. It’s often thought of as a supplement to help with joint issues, but a lot of people ascribe more powers to this gold supplement. The problem is colloidal gold is not reduced far enough, and the nanoparticles are still much too large to be utilized at your own body’s cellular level.

To attain different types of benefits, the molecular structure of the gold has to be broken down even further, but the process for making colloidal gold can’t do this. The only way this can be achieved is with the processes that make monatomic gold. Through finely-tuned alchemical science, gold can be reduced even beyond the nanoparticulate state.

Why Is Monatomic Gold Superior?

The particles that make up monatomic gold are so small they are almost weightless. It would be incredibly hard to ingest them in such a way that it would be effective for your body, but when it is put in a filler substance that is chemically inert, your body can process this monatomic element at the cellular level. When gold can enter the cells, it is believed to bring about many benefits colloidal gold just can’t achieve.

For one thing, research has shown that the monatomic gold in your cells helps turn them into a conductor of energy. This improves the flow of energy throughout your whole body, effectively turning it into a superconductor that strengthens your aura and balances your chakras. This strengthening of the auras is known to help balance your chi and your Torus, but the particles in colloidal gold are too big to do any of this. For those looking to heighten their spiritual side, this can be a major benefit.

Gold itself is a non-toxic substance, so you could even ingest large amounts of it without doing damage. However, there’s no way your body can process this overwhelming amount of the element – not to mention the cost you’ll run up! Monatomic gold makes the benefits much more available than colloidal gold, and we know you’ll feel the difference.

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