Colloidal Gold vs. Monatomic Gold


Gold has been valuable to humans since the dawn of civilization, and because we think of it (and most other things) in terms of prestige and monetary value, most of us have forgotten it value to our physical and spiritual health and well-being. The alchemists of Egypt knew of its power, and now, so do the alchemists of today.


We have access to two products that have broken gold down to elements, letting your body utilize it: Monatomic Gold and Colloidal Gold. But which one is better for you?  


What is Colloidal Gold?


Colloidal gold is nanoparticles of gold suspended in a fluid, usually water. It has long been used to add colour to glass, even being used in stained glass windows. Depending on the size of the particles in the solution, colloidal gold can give off different hues ranging from ruby red to violet. But while its ability to reflect light makes it optimal for aesthetics, it inhibits its ability to affect the body.


Gold in and of itself isn’t toxic, whether or not it’s been reduced. As a metal, it’s chemically inert, and if you ate a big chunk of gold, you’d feel unfulfilled, but not sick. This is why gold must be reduced to its basic elements to be effective. This is also why colloidal gold doesn’t have the same properties as alchemically treated Monatomic Gold. To gain any benefits, it has to be made with special processes.


Why Monatomic Gold WorksAlchemy


The “nanoparticles” of colloidal gold can potentially do a number of things, and they might be able to help treat problems like joint pain, but colloidal gold won’t be processed at the cellular level like Monatomic Gold. Monatomic Gold is as small a particle as you can get – so small, that it’s nearly weightless. Put in a liquid filler, it stays effective as a superconductor, and while colloidal gold is also suspended in water, the particles are too large for the body’s cells to process effectively.


Monatomic Gold are known to plate the cells, turning them into a superconductor. This enhances energy flow, promoting spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. There are also no side effects to the use of Monatomic Gold, as the body uses it efficiently and effectively.


Monatomic Gold is known to help balance your chi and your Torus, something the particles in colloidal gold are too big to do. If you’re looking to enhance your body and mind, don’t settle for colloidal gold – trust Monatomic Gold.