5 Ways To Quiet Your Mind

Quiet Your Mind

It’s a problem most people encounter at least once a week; they can’t sleep as thoughts rattle around in their brains, most of them negative. Our minds love being consumed by unhappy thoughts and memories, and these can especially come around just as we’re settling down to rest.


A mind that’s constantly busy can lead to a lot of ill effects in the rest of the body – not just a lack of proper sleep, but higher levels of stress, poor memory, loss of focus, and ways of coping that involve poor diets and bad habits. There are, however, ways you can quiet your mind and regain that focus, relaxation, and live your normal life.


1. Meditation and Yoga Every DayQuiet Your Mind With Yoga


Quieting the mind is mostly about controlling it, and there are few better ways of controlling the mind than with meditation and yoga. With meditation, you are making yourself consider your entire body, not just the mind; your breathing, your energies, and your muscles come under your control, you become more aware of deeper truths, and you can attain a peaceful state of mind. Doing it every day will help you get into a more spiritually attuned mood, making it easier to go about your entire day with a focused, relaxed mind.


Yoga is another great exercise to start your day with, as it lets you tune your body physically, mentally and spiritually. Find some great videos online, and don’t let your chi get out of whack.


2. Get Outside


Sometimes you just need to get away from your screens, away from a place that’s full of familiarity and routine, and just escape, even if it’s only for a half-hour. Doing the same thing, in the same environment, with no fresh air, can definitely leave you with a clouded mind and habitually negative thoughts.


So leave the phone at home, put on your comfiest walking shoes, and get out there! Find a trail to hike, take an unknown street in your neighbourhood, or even just go to a local park and find a nice bench to sit on. Contemplate your place in a larger world, take deep breaths, and know that the secret to a quiet mind isn’t really a secret at all – it’s all around you.  


3. Pay Attention To Your Positive Energies


This is in line with meditation and yoga, as they are two exercises that let you feel the energy flow within your body and help remove any blockages. Your body’s energy flow is an important system to sustain, and you can do more than meditate in the morning.


Positive energy flow works when you think… positively! It’s true, the energies will flow much better if you try and stay happy. Think positively, respond to people with happy words, do good. You’ll find it’s easier the longer you work on this, and your energy will respond to your thoughts. To help, practice mindfulness to relieve stress and calm yourself when you find you just can’t control the negative energies any longer.


Journal4. Keep A Journal


Transcribing your thoughts and emotions, positive or negative, can be a very cathartic experience, and help you work through what might be troubling your mind. Don’t take the time to edit or fix any spelling – just write it out, and once you have it on paper, take a deep breath. Work through your thoughts, or tuck it in your bedside table. It can be a small but effective step in clearing your mind and finding solutions.


5. Take Supplements


There are many supplements that can help quiet your mind, remove obstacles in your energy flow, and keep you focused on the task at hand. You can find a lot of herbal supplements that claim on the bottle to help quiet your mind, and there is always valerian, melatonin, and chamomile tea to help you relax in a safe and natural way.


But these are short-term solutions. They can help, but they might not help you achieve peace of mind in the long run. Supplements like Monatomic Gold, elements which get into your cell structure and turn your body into a positive energy superconductor, can help you achieve peace and quiet your mind for a long time.