The 5 Top Trends In Natural Healing For 2021


2021 has seen many people rethink their health and wellness. As they become more attuned to their needs, they’ve turned to the healing power of nature and the surrounding energies to reach their goals.  

Here are the top five trends we’ve seen in natural healing over the past year, all of which will have you reconsidering how you see your health, your free time, and even the food on your plate!

Functional & Spiritual Nutrition


Functional and spiritual nutrition focuses on how food affects our bodies on more than just a physiological level – it considers our energies, too. People now understand that reaching wellness goals is not a one-size-fits-all approach – they need to individualize at-home natural healing to their unique needs. To this end, sustainable and preventative wellness using functional and spiritual nutrition has become front and centre this year!

It’s why monatomic element supplements have become a key part of many people’s natural healing regimens. The purported benefits of popular options like Monatomic Gold and Monatomic Platinum for all aspects of wellness – physical, mental, and spiritual – can meet a wider range of needs!


Digital Detoxifying


Many of the obstacles we face in healing come from what we consume – or rather what consumes us: social media, 24/7 news, and the constant presence of smartphones. Individually, we have the power to set boundaries around our digital consumption habits, and more people are choosing to turn off in 2021! 

A digital detox can be as simple as going a week, weekend, or even only a day without the phone, tablet, TV, and social media feeds. You replace the time you spend scrolling with time devoted to yourself: going for long walks, meditating, reading, or working on a passion project. You’ll find disconnecting from the noise around you illuminating and empowering!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with some internet time! But by setting boundaries, you can create healthier digital habits. 


Cold Therapy


Cold therapy – choosing chilly showers and immersing oneself in cold water instead of the usual hot options – has become popular this year. Biohackers, performance coaches, and cold exposure evangelists like Wim Hof have made this trend mainstream, and more experts are praising its benefits!

Proponents believe it reduces blood flow to particular body parts, reducing inflammation and swelling behind chronic and nagging pain, especially in joints and tendons. It may also temporarily reduce nerve activity, which can also relieve pain. For athletes, cold therapy can reduce the chances of muscle pain and soreness, helping them recover from workouts faster!


Adaptogenic Ingredients


Adaptogenic ingredients are common in traditional Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, as well as other holistic herbal practices. These herbs and supplements have balancing properties that are believed to neutralize the effects of stress on the body, normalizing and strengthening our functions and systems.

These ingredients can also be natural mood boosters, and many home cooks turn to them for boosted energy and immunity. Turmeric, ginger, holy basil, Ashwagandha, Astragalus root, Bacopa Monnieri, licorice, and maca are just some of the adaptogens you can add to your diet. 


Touchless & Virtual Healing


While few enjoyed it, natural healing through touchless services offered people who couldn’t leave their homes a way to regain a sense of balance and wellness. One popular way to receive healing in 2021 is through virtual reiki. 

Because energy is not confined to a specific space or time, reiki masters have the proper training to send healing to clients wherever they are. Masters and clients usually connect through video calls to discuss problems and the potential areas of focus. Once the discussion is over, both will hang up and work on the healing, with the client enjoying the rejuvenating effects as they would in an in-person session. For anyone stuck inside during lockdown, these virtual sessions have been helpful!