Sensory Deprivation – The Most Intense Meditation?

Sensory deprivation tank

Sensory deprivation tanks may be one of the most relaxing things your body will ever experience. Some people call it intense meditation, a spiritual/near psychedelic experience, or water float therapy but all of theses are correct.


Open Tank

So what’s Sensory Deprivation?


This new form of therapy is blowing up recently with people selling sessions in their own sensory deprivation tank.  These session cost around $70 for 60 minutes and some places do include zen, beverages, towels and everything you need for the session.  


This floating technique isn’t just floating in a pool of water for an hour, it’s much more than that. These tanks are fully isolated from sound and light making you feel an almost zero gravity like feeling while you are floating in pitch darkness.  These tanks also include a high epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) content in the water at skin temperature which makes individuals float.  The salt amount in the water reaches about 1000 pounds which is why the gravity of our bodies is subjected to it, we then float effortlessly.


meditationWhat should you expect?


In the sensory deprivation tank you reach a deep meditative state, which is hard for most people to achieve during regular meditation.  This state is where people feel the therapeutic feelings sink in, healing their mind and relaxing their bodies.  Some people even experience a near psychedelic experience because of how much the chamber has effect on the mind.  These experiences are positive and even some are life changing because of the “trip”.


The Simpsons did it!Simpsons Tank


As seen in many shows such as The Simpsons back in 1999.  Lisa and Homer tried a sensory deprivation tank out for themselves in the tenth season. Many youtubers have explained their experience, like BuzzFeed, Good Mythical Mornings and Vice.  Lots of types of people have came out from the tank and had a very interesting or positive experience.


With 1000 pounds of epsom salts, 999 litres of water and at 34 degree celsius water, It is proven that this therapy makes your brain release endorphins and dopamine, which is why it is such a relaxing time!  During this “float” session your mind escapes from life they say.