What You Need To Know To Resell Monatomic Ormes


Becoming a seller of Monatomic Orme is a great way to spread the benefits of monatomic elements and earn some money in the process! With Monatomic Orme, you’re selling the world’s finest, purest, most effective elements on the market.


But before you get started, though, read through this list and start learning about Monatomic Orme products and the selling process. It’ll make your job a lot easier later!


1. Know what you’re selling


Read everything you can about the monatomic process, what benefits each elements carry, and how they work in the body. You’ll be asked a lot of questions, and it’s beneficial for you and the potential user to know what you’re selling!


Start with the Frequently Asked Questions section of our site and get to know the alchemical process, why monatomic elements are superior to other elemental health “solutions” like colloidal gold, and the benefits they could see. Know why our elements are the purest and most potent monatomic products around. Anticipate every question, and have an answer!


2. Know how to instruct the userAscension figure


You’ll be asked how to use the elements, and you should know not only the how of this question, but the why, too. Getting the benefits of monatomic elements means using them correctly, and the user should know everything about properly ingesting these elements.


Explain that they shouldn’t be using dry fillers, but rather ionized water. Know what the different elements can do, and why different elements might work better than others for the user’s specific conditions. If they need a calmative, suggest Monatomic M3; if they’re looking to strengthen their psychic abilities, go with Rhodium; an all-round solution is found in Monatomic Gold. The more you know, the more your user will get out of the product!


3. Don’t oversell the benefits


Monatomic elements can provide users with many different benefits, and these can strengthen the body, mind, and spirit, but don’t promise your customer something the product might not deliver. Overpromising will only get you and the user into preventable trouble.


Know what each element you’re selling can do, and stick with our guarantees. Don’t promise weight loss, or say a specific element will cure their depression, or sell an element as an alternative to medically-prescribed drugs. Monatomic elements are perfectly safe to use alongside medications, but don’t make yourself responsible for their health. Even though you know how helpful these elements can be, you’re not a doctor!


Overall, if you’re selling Monatomic Orme products, you have to put yourself in-the-know. If you do your homework, you’ll be able to sell them effectively and responsibly!