Maintaining Health and Wellness in 2018

women doing Yoga in the sun rise

A new year brings a lot of wild resolutions, and if you’re like 99% of the rest of humanity, you’ve probably broken every one you’ve tried to make. It might be because you’re making the wrong resolutions: you can achieve something extraordinary if the goals you set are attainable, realistic, and help your whole body. Try and picture not just the next year, but your entire life; putting things in a bigger perspective can really motivate you, but also let you approach your goals realistically.

So don’t be afraid of changing yourself! If you’re the kind of soul who takes time with their self-improvement, here are some great ways to change your lifestyle and become a more wholesome person.


Take up slow exercise

Become a more active person by taking it easy! Slow, meditative exercises like Pilates, Tai Chi, and yoga can be better for your body than vigorous activity – it’s easier on your joints, it incorporates your mind as well, and it can be a lot more fun!  These exercises support you spiritually, mentally, and physically, and are much more beneficial for your body in the long-term.

Taking up slower forms of exercise is also something people who don’t move all that often can do to get back into the rhythm of life. By taking it slow, you’ll save your body a lot of grief, while still improving your physical and mental well-being.  


Get the right amount of sleep

Sleep isn’t just a physical necessity; it can be an emotional and spiritual necessity, too. To recharge your batteries, heal your body, and emotionally prepare for life’s regular tasks, you need to get enough sleep! Adults need between 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night – more or less can really throw off your energies.

Sleep itself can be a form of meditation, as proper sleep lets you become attuned to the natural rhythm of your body. Don’t let a good eight hours pass you by!


Make the right nutritional choices

Most of our bodies are lacking in the proper nutrients – don’t worry, with our Western diets filled with processed sugars, flours, and chemicals, it’s fairly common. These deficiencies mean our natural processes can’t work properly, and you’ll feel the effects: fatigue, lack of sleep, negative thoughts and emotions, and an inability to focus.

A healthy diet filled with organic fruits and veggies is a good start, but you might have to replenish stores that have been depleted for some time. Take supplements of nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B, and iodine can go a long way to bringing your body to its best state. Monatomic elements can also help increase your energy flow, bring balance, and resolve deep emotional problems naturally.


Try to find your psychic energy

Make 2018 the year you find something inside yourself. It could very well be a psychic energy you didn’t know you had! Using crystals, Monatomic elements, and tools like Tarot cards, you can find your inner eye, strengthen your aura, and enhance your energy flow.

Psychic powers take time and energy to hone. Not everyone has the same level of psychic power, and some might not even find they have it at all. But the purpose of the traditional psychic exercises is to become more attuned to the many energies we all do have. Besides, it can be a lot of fun!


Become more attuned to you

Whatever you choose to do in the new year, make sure that you take some time for yourself. This means reducing stress wherever possible, taking time for self-care, and just letting negative energy flow out of you. Have times when you turn off the phone, close the laptop, and forget the workday. Turn on your diffuser, close your eyes, and meditate. It will make a universe of difference, and it’s just about the easiest, cheapest thing you can do for yourself.