How To Balance Your Chakras


Our body, mind, soul and spirit are deeply connected, and much of this connection forms via the chakras. When the body is in balance, all energy flows freely through the chakras, the main energy centres of the body. When there’s an imbalance, though, you can feel it, and it could disrupt your thoughts, feelings, and ability to focus.

If you feel your chakras are out of balance, how can you realign them and maintain their strength? Here are some of the best ways.

What Are The Chakras?


Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel.” You can visualize each one like a wheel of positive energy. The chakras correspond to collections of nerves in the body, with each one associated with organs and psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being. There are seven chakras:

  • Crown: The energy of pure consciousness and the most subtle energy center in the body.
  • Third Eye: Your “sixth sense,” opens up your mind to information beyond the material world.
  • Throat: The chakra that gives a voice to your individual truths.
  • Heart: The center of your love, compassion and kindness.
  • Solar Plexus: The seat of your self-confidence, personal identity and bodily wisdom.
  • Sacral: The chakra that brings your creative energy to life.
  • Root: The chakra that connects your energy to the earth’s energy.

When there are blockages of the energy flow to any of these centers, people can experience what’s best described as stagnation. It can contribute to a variety of physical and spiritual ailments, and relieving them means restoring balance.

You’ve probably heard about “unblocking” the chakras, the idea that when all the chakras are open, energy can run through them more freely. The movement of energy creates harmony between the physical body, mind, and spirit. Here are some tactics you can use to instigate this harmony!


Meditation & Yoga


Meditation is one of the most effective ways to balance the chakras. Any form of meditation that promotes calm and encourages spiritual awakenings can also help you harness the power of your energy centers. It’s why meditation is one of the most effective ways of clearing blocked chakras. 

Regular yoga practice is also effective at unblocking and balancing the chakras. Each chakra even has its yoga pose corresponding with the different body parts with which it is associated. 

Both meditation and yoga help with visualization. It’s possibly the most powerful tool of all for balancing your chakras. These exercises let you visualize and focus attention on the different chakras. Sitting in meditation, for instance, gives you the space to visualize drawing energy up from the centre of the earth and cleansing each energy centre with the relevant colour, sound and frequency.


Pranayama Breathwork 


Your body breathes involuntarily, whether you are awake, asleep, or actively exercising. Every cell needs oxygen for functioning, but blocked chakras can lead to us losing control over how well we breathe. Proper breathing techniques can help relax the body and give you more control over the flow of energy through the body. 

Pranayama, the control of the life force, can help you extend your breathing. The regular practice of controlled breathing can help bring balance back to your energy flow, decreasing stress while increasing overall health and wellness. There are many different tactics, so try out different ones while you meditate or do yoga!


Monatomic Elements


The chakras are about the flow of positive energy; monatomic elements like Gold are known to help this flow! Once the monatomic supplement takes root in your cells, the cells become akin to superconductors – they improve the flow of light energy through the body. If you take them regularly, you may feel a boost in your energy levels and a renewed ability to overcome mental obstacles. 




Crystals can help connect the chakras, energizing those that need some help. Each chakra has different crystals associated with it; if you detect an imbalance in a specific chakra, the corresponding crystal will provide it with the most benefit:

  • Crown: clear quartz, moonstone
  • Third Eye: amethyst, lapis lazuli
  • Throat: turquoise, aquamarine
  • Heart: rose quartz, amazonite, malachite
  • Solar Plexus: citrine, jasper, tiger’s eye
  • Sacral: carnelian, amber, topaz
  • Root: hematite, garnet, obsidian