Yoga for the Brain

The mind and body work in tandem and are equally crucial. Each day our mind and body require basic necessities to be met in order to perform our daily tasks. These daily tasks become overwhelming for everybody at some point, but there are methods of stress relief to help our mind and body relax, making these daily tasks even more do-able.  It is crucial to stay both physically and mentally healthy.  Our brain plays the primary role in controlling our ability to respond, comprehend, recognize and function.  Our brain requires exercise, rest, and relaxation- just like our how physical body exercises and recovers. There are many methods to heal the body and mind. Yoga and meditation are two of the most effective and popular methods, enjoyed by people across the globe.

There are countless yoga routines and exercises to try with some that specifically target our minds.  Building brain power is something that can help foster a positive outlook on your everyday schedule. Some popular brain-building yoga exercises are “Big Toe Pose”, “Channel Cleansing Breathing” and “Downward Facing Dog”.

brain yogaAnother popular type of yoga that is highly effective in treating many mental and physical conditions is SuperBrain Yoga.  This was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, who wrote a book on SuperBrain Yoga. In New Jersey, doctors conducted a research project which involved a group of children, aged 5-9, who are living with a variety of neurological disabilities. The researchers then had the children perform this type of yoga.  The results were amazing.  The children were more focused, had improved mental states, showed more pro-social behavior, and improved memory. This yoga is also very easy and only takes a short time to do.

Further information can be found in the videos linked below:

Yoga for the brain can be a hugely positive part of your life.  Simple yoga practices can be done anywhere and anytime, going a long way to improving your brain function.