What Reiki Can Do For You

Reiki Energy

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese method used to deal with stress and promote relaxation. Everyone has an energy, sometimes called an aura or chakra, which flows through them and allows body and mind to work together. 

Reiki is a healing process for your chakra. It brings the body and its energies into balance, which results in better overall wellness. If your chakra is out of sync, your spiritual energy is low. Low energy is blamed for stress, illness, and fatigue, while high energy is linked to happiness and well-being. Negative thoughts and feelings can cause a decrease in this energy. Reiki relies on using your hands to interrupt negative flow and to increase spiritual energy levels.

Energy patterns dictate how your mind and body work together. Your body itself is a Torus, or primary pattern. The Torus is a continuous pattern with a hole in the middle, where energy circulates. Your intestinal tract is the hole around which energy circulates in the body’s pattern. Reiki uses the hands to guide, arrange, and stimulate energy as it circulates.Reki benefits

Reiki Treatment

If there are no Reiki practitioners available in your area, you may be able to opt for remote reiki treatment, or find an online course to help you learn the practice yourself.

A Reiki practitioner will run their hands slightly above and on the body of the patient, affecting the flow of spiritual energy around and through the body.

What Can Reiki Treat

Reiki can be used to improve and maintain natural health. Many people use Reiki to lower stress levels and relax. It encourages a positive link between mind and body and increases calmness. As a result, you may sleep better, have a stronger immune system, and experience overall better health. A calm mind has been proven to help with memory and focus, and allow you the ability to better cope with stress and maintain positive personal relationships.

Emotional issues, including fatigue, anxiety, and even depression can be helped with Reiki. It can be a source of relief during difficult periods of stress, grief, or change and can help you deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation, as well as reducing the overwhelming nature of negative emotion.

Reiki can be used in combination with medicines to address illness and pain. Headaches, arthritis, and nerve pain have all been known to be alleviated by the practice. Some doctors suggest the use of Reiki to assist in healing from injury and surgery.

However, it is important to remember that you should consult a physician in regards to any physical or emotional ailments you may be experiencing.

Reiki Hand Positions

Each area of the body is linked to an emotional centre that affects your health.

The throat is the area where stress and illness result from trust issues and lack of self-expression. Ailments of the throat may also indicate an inability to speak freely or truthfully, or a lack of nurturing.

The shoulders are considered the area of burden, where stress and illness results from a feeling of overwhelming responsibility. The chest is the heart centre and energy here is decreased by grief, sadness, and loss, as well as disappointment or disillusionment. Slightly below the chest is the fear centre, where fears, phobias, and lack of control can negatively affect your health.

The right torso is the anger centre, on which you focus to treat issues related to anger, jealousy, and resentment, while the left torso is the guilt centre, where shame, self-judgment, and a lack of self-acceptance will cause problems. The stomach is known as the old stuff centre, and family and childhood issues remain here. The stomach also relates to abuses and indignities that you may have endured at the hands of others in your past.

The hips are considered the support area, and problems here are linked to a lack of financial or emotional support.

The groin is the survival area, where issues are caused by feelings of a threat to survival, such as physical accidents or violence, or even infertility. To the right of this area is the rejection centre, which can be affected by feelings of abandonment or criticism. To the left of this area is the betrayal centre, which can be affected by feelings of betrayal by another or by yourself.

Monatomic OrmeAll Monatomics

Monatomic Orme is a conductor of natural energy and can be combined with Reiki to promote wellness.

Monatomic Elements can be found in metals, plants, and even the cells of the human body. Monatomic Orme, the powdered form of precious metals, has the ability to channel the energies that Reiki is designed to stimulate. Monatomic Orme, in combination with the practice of Reiki, encourages unity with these elements, helping to decrease isolation and stress and encourage a balanced chakra and oneness with the energy that surrounds you.

Monatomic elements work with Reiki to increase the photons found in the cells, as well as increasing clarity and the ability to communicate with the energies within and around your body. These benefits lead to a stronger immune system.

Monatomic Orme offers a variety of benefits and has been found to possess healing powers, which means that if you combine ORME’s with the practice of Reiki, your body will increase its ability to heal itself, lessening the time and effort required to recover from injury, illness, or stress. Practicing Reiki can help you activate the elements that are within and around you, providing a link to the high energy that results in better natural health.