The Torus Explained


The torus (plural tori) represents the perfect balance of one’s dynamic energy flow. It’s a geometric shape at the root of all forms, from the smallest atom to the galaxy within which we find ourselves in the universe – and possibly beyond! How does the torus manifest itself, though? It does this as fields of energy!

What Is A Torus?


In geometry, a torus is a revolving surface consisting of a central axis and vortices at each end, with the energy revolving in a circle in three-dimensional space and returning to its central axis. Think of the energy as forming the shape of a donut, and imagine this donut-shaped field of energy constantly flowing out and through your body. That’s your torus!

In the torus of the body, energy flows through one vortex, moves along the axis and out of the second vortex; it then wraps back around the circumference and returns through the original vortex. It creates a self-sustained system or a closed-loop of energy, maximizing the body’s energy flow. 


Strengthening The Torus


All living things, both individually and in groups, are surrounded by a torus. In the human body, the axis passes through the head’s crown and out the center of the groin. The strength of the field is directly related to the vitality of the person it surrounds. Every torus is unique, 

The individual torus can connect with the tori of others. Our energy fields can create a sub-conscious kind of telepathy. A prime example of the combined strength of human energy fields when attending events or parties: think of how you feel your emotions and feelings amplify at places like sporting events and rock concerts. As toroidal fields combine their energy, it strengthens emotions. It’s understandable, then, when we look at the popularity of mass movements of people – as well as the harmful effects of mob mentality. While euphoria can become a massive crowd of happiness, anger can also become violence. 

Don’t let the negative influence of some situations drag you down – strengthening your torus will help the body, mind, and soul. You want to keep the energy flowing and make sure there are no interruptions. Opening your chakras, meditating, and adding monatomic elements to your routine are great ways of strengthening the torus. You might find yourself connecting with others in a subtle, joyful way. It can even help you align more closely with the universe! 


Your Torus Connects You With The Universe, Too


The power of the torus is likely best demonstrated when we look to the stars. Our entire universe is created from and orbitally controlled by many interconnected tori, with the largest torus being at the galaxy’s center. Researchers believe this is a black hole, with the energy coming from it being the most influential force ever discovered! 

In the black hole’s field is another toroidal field encompassing our galaxy, The Milky Way. Embedded here is the field surrounding Sol – the Sun – which is also called the heliosphere. Within this is the life-giving torus of our Earth’s atmosphere; here, plant life, animals, and ecosystems – all the way down to single-celled organisms – directly influence each other and their environment through interconnecting tori. 

In this exchange of energy, one can see how the universal toroidal system connects every cell and atom in our bodies, our consciousness, and our subtle energies. The system intertwines through the atmosphere and the entire universe, connecting us to powers much greater than ourselves. Think about this astonishing fact while you meditate!