How To Naturally Strengthen Your ESP

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Everyone has his or her own psychic gifts. Some feel they are sensitive to the forces around them, and are especially attuned to the auras, powers, and emotions of other people. Maybe you’ve felt the stress and troubles of a loved one, despite them being across the country.


If this describes you, it’s very possible you have extrasensory perception (ESP). This is an overarching term that includes everything from intuition clairvoyance to actual precognition. It has been known to help predict events, discover past lives, and even solve police cases. ESP can be nurtured and strengthened, but it does require work!




The first step to developing your ESP is to believe in yourself and your powers. This energy moves you forward; it’s impossible to develop ESP if you don’t feel it within you or doubt what your intuitiveness means.


Belief is central to strengthening your powers. Doubting yourself not only hinders your desire to practice, it also blocks needed emotional energy and can weaken your aura and energy flow. Stay focused, clear your mind, and know that extrasensory perception doesn’t come easy.


Train Your ESP


Develop a training regimen. Start by doing research and talking with someone you know who has psychic powers. They can help you learn and grow. Everyone has something to teach.


Try simple exercises to practice and strengthen your ESP. Psychometry, learning about objects through reading the energy in them, is a small but powerful way to get a better sense of your powers. Have someone give you small objects like jewelry and try and read the energy coming off them. Relax, breathe, and feel the associations. It may be discouraging at first, but one of the best ways of getting better is through practice.


Find a teacher or someone you trust to guide you through training. Read books about ESP and know what to recognize.


ESP and Your Body


When channeling the energy needed to kick-start and strengthen ESP abilities, knowing how energy flows through the body is important. Energy that flows through and around your body takes the shape of a torus, a bagel-like field that flows through the crown of your head, out away from your body, and then back in through your torso. This energy goes by many names, but it’s commonly known as an aura, qi, or chi. It’s the force found in everything. Having a strong chi helps you become more sensitive to the chi in other objects.ESP


The right supplements not only increase directional flow of energy, they can shelter negative emotions and fears that might disrupt your aura. Positive elements can magnify the ability of cells to focus energy, turning your body into superconductor. Elements like Monatomic Rhodium and Iridium, which complement each other, work well – the former serves as the down flow of energy around the spinal column, while the latter serves as the up flow. They complete the circuit.


Extrasensory perception can be a powerful thing. It can improve your intuition, help you become more sensitive to other people’s emotions, and even develop into psychic abilities. Just remember that practice, energy magnification, and belief will guide your inner self in the right direction.