The Best Ways To Increase Your Torus Field And Physical Aura In The New Year

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We often make resolutions to improve our physical health, but often overlook the mental and spiritual sides of fitness. By not attending to these areas, many of us live with weakened auras. This aura is part of a larger field surrounding the body that takes the shape of a torus, one of nature’s perfect shapes. 

The strength of this energy can affect our overall well-being, so in 2020, resolve to increase the strength of your torus field and physical aura. You can do it with these tips!


Increasing The Torus Field

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A person’s aura is the subtle field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds their physical body. It’s a part of the body that can be strong or weak like any of your limbs. The aura takes the dimension of a shape known as a torus.

The torus has a central axis, vortices at each end, and a surrounding energy field – in other words, it’s shaped like a dynamic donut. The energy flows through one vortex, moves along the axis, and out the second vortex, wrapping back around the circumference and passing through the original vortex again. The field’s axis of the field passes through the top of the head and out the center of the groin. This shape is a closed, self-sustaining system that acts as a field around your body. 

Each person’s torus in unique but also open to interconnecting with the fields of others. You can increase it by keeping the pathways clear and allowing them to flow through your body unimpeded. You can start by reducing your exposure to the energy released by electronics like laptops, tablets and smartphones. The radiation and frequencies can interfere with the natural flow of our toroidal field, and too much time next to them can cause disturbances.

Another way to keep the pathways clear is to strengthen the ability of your cells to move energy in the torus. A supplement like Monatomic Gold has been known to strengthen the DNA and turn the individual cells into “superconductors” of energy. It will increase your body’s ability to move energy, strengthening your field and allowing for the dynamic exchange of energy between you, other people, and the earth!

A stronger torus increases the vibrancy and effectiveness of the subtle energy emanating from your body. You might know it better as an aura.


Strengthening Your Aura

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The aura is often thought of as the colour our bodies give off, and some intuitive people can indeed see it as colours. But the human aura is not just a fixed shape; it is a product of the continuous movement of the torus. Within our bodies, each chakra, acupuncture point, and energy center has a toroidal flow. The strength of the aura depends on how well this flow.

You can strengthen your physical aura by clearing out negative energy, detoxifying the body, and relieving tension in your body. A slow exercise like yoga is a good start, and you can do it despite the colder weather outside. Fortify yourself with crystals like labradorite, which can heal any tears in the torus that are weakening the aura. Using a multivitamin like Sensu Being can supply your body with the antioxidants and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

When spring comes, you can stand barefoot outside in sunny weather. This does two things: the sun sustains and feeds your auric energy while the torus aligns itself with the earth. It’s a technique known as grounding, and it’s a very good way to refresh your toroidal field. 

The torus shape of healthy auric energy can extend as far as five feet around a person. This can help you connect with the earth and other people in a positive way!