How To Set Realistic New Year’s Resolutions


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

That’s how the classic inspirational quote goes, but failure to reach our goals is an undeniably sad thing. Planning for the future during uncertain times while trying to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder is challenging, but when it comes to setting realistic new year’s resolutions for yourself, there are ways to stay motivated before, during, and after achieving what we set out to accomplish. Here are 4 truths to keep in mind if you’re feeling stuck on how to set realistic goals.

Numbers Do Not Define You


So many of us fixate on the numbers on our scales, calendars, and bank statements that we forget what our true goals are. Let’s say your resolution is to save money. If you find yourself struggling to break even, take a moment to detach and look at the bigger picture. Ask, “Why do I want to accomplish this? Who am I doing this for? How will this improve my life? Once I have accomplished this, what is next for me?”


Nurture Yourself


A goal cannot be met while neglecting your needs. Your body, mind, and spirit all need proper fuel, whether it takes the form of good food and vitamins, some peaceful time reconnecting with nature, or words of encouragement and support. Take inventory of what you need to succeed; it’ll look different for everybody.


Have Patience With Yourself


You are your own manager, but you’re also your own employee and your only constant companion. Self-imposed deadlines can be changed. The definition of a realistic goal takes into account not only what you want to do, but what you’re able to do within your skillset and with the resources you possess. Hold yourself accountable for the work you promise yourself you’ll do, but be gentle with yourself as well. You’re the only self you’ve got.


Failure Is Not The End


True, the word “failure” brings with it a harsh sting that can remind us of low points from our pasts — but there is no reason to frame it in such a way. Being able to try again is a blessing. Life continues beyond school and the workplace. Life, simply, continues.

As 2022 approaches, take the lessons learned in 2021 with you. We shouldn’t fear missing the moonshot when the stars around us are so lovely.