Full Moon Practices Worth Trying

Full moon

For thousands of years, humans would live and work according to the lunar cycles. Today, most people are disconnected from the moon and its phases, but there’s a trend of getting back into sync with the moon. Much like Monatomic elements and alchemy, it’s a return to old wisdom for physical energy and spiritual well-being.

Focusing on the moon’s energies has given people a sense of grounding and synergy with others, their surroundings, and the Earth as a whole. If you’re looking to get back in sync, here are five practices worth trying during the next full moon!

Reconnect With The Lunar Cycle


You can use the full moon as a starting point to align your energies with the lunar cycle because it’s a spiritual and energetic climax. The lunar surface gathers light over two weeks starting with the new moon phase, and it manifests the fullness of this energy in its fullest form. Using a full moon is the easiest way to reconnect with the waxing and waning of lunar energies and get in sync. 

Consciously use the full moon as a starting point, taking other measures like crystals, meditation, and Monatomic supplements to reconnect and make the most of lunar energies no matter the phase. 


Cleanse Your Home


You know how Monatomic elements improve how energy flows through your body, and moonlight is believed to do the same for the environment around us. A full moon is a great time to cleanse not just your body and mind but your physical space, too!

Perform smudging with dried herbs, strategically placing crystals around your home, and use salt. These cleansing actions can help you let go of any built-up negative energy or the energies you no longer want to hold. Essential oils like lavender, sage, and frankincense can also help dissolve negativity. 




Full moon meditations are thought to be a powerful way to draw in lunar energy and harness the energetic power of the moon’s light. You can do a full moon meditation on its own or before performing any other practices on this list; it can get the practitioner in the right mindset and align yourself with what you want to accomplish. Position yourself in a spot with visible moonlight, close your eyes, and imagine the beams enveloping your body, mind, and spirit.


Charge Your Crystals And Tarot Decks


Many believe the light from the full moon is the best way to recharge and cleanse crystals, tarot decks, and other tools that are known to have the power to absorb and hold energies. Lay them outside in the moonlight, preferably on the ground or a natural – crystals, just like our bodies, prefer being grounded.


Perform A Moon Circle


A full moon can help people process their intentions and emotions, allowing them to heal and let go. Moon circles can let you celebrate with a group of friends and like-minded seekers to harness more of the moon’s energy. In your full moon circle, you can arrange the group’s intentions, listen and support each other’s desires, decide what to release as a group, or use it as an opportunity to connect with one another. 

Moon circles can be very creative: light some candles or incense, perform a chant, or even dance to a playlist made for the astrological sign of the full moon. It can be a great way to find renewed strength in the energies of the moon, the Earth, and each other!