Achieving Human Ascension


Our lives are full of earthly difficulties and suffering. The minds we are born with seem replete with problems – anxiety, troubled thoughts, stress, and a seeming inability to sustain happy thoughts. It seems nothing can relieve that feeling.


This line of thinking is incredibly false, and a negative byproduct of our unenlightened mind! The body and the universe around us have the energies capable of moving to a higher plane. This involves activating inner tools and energies. If you unlock these, human ascension is within your grasp. It’s within you.


What Is Ascension?

It is altering your conscious and evolving to a higher dimension. Human ascension is a part of every one of us; it’s the next step for our minds, and it’s there for the taking if one works hard to get it.


It’s not levitating, or physically rising to the stars, or anything like that. You won’t be able to pull off any David Blaine-like magic tricks, though there are stories of yogis and ascended peoples being able to levitate. Moving towards ascension is reaching a new state of enlightenment and becoming spiritually fulfilled. It’s being tuned into higher dimensions and leaving the lowest one behind.


First Steps


Starting down the path towards human ascension is finding the path to begin with. The mind must awaken and accept its limitations. This path can look different to everyone, and can reflect the beliefs and upbringing of the practitioner. It can be centered on Gaia, the Self, cosmic energy, the God of various monotheistic religions, or Buddhist concepts of Enlightenment. If owned and believed, it doesn’t really matter. The path all takes everyone to the same destination: conscious evolution.


Human ascension requires the practitioner to believe. Doubt, self-consciousness, and skepticism can hinder the process and prevent the practitioner from achieving ascension. Doubt blocks the movement of energy through the body and corrupts the chi, the aura, or the torus that surrounds every one of us. Thus, the first step is believing that one can ascend.


Where Do You Go From Here?ascension


Setting up a regimen that promotes energy flow is important. This regular schedule is crucial to activating the inner light and working on strengthening the light body. The light body is how we meld with higher powers and achieve ascension, so elevating it is the goal of your journey.


Activating and elevating the light body requires a strong energy flow and mental soundness. Meditation, working with breathing, and visualization are easy exercises to start your path. Attend workshops, join a yoga studio, or find a teacher who can help you properly use these exercises. You’ll eventually align the sacred geometry of the torus and activate your light body.


There are supplements that can help you align this sacred geometry by turning your cells into superconductors. Monatomic Iridium and Rhodium work in tandem to increase the performance of your neural circuitry, move energy throughout your spinal column and nervous system, and enhance the magnifying qualities of the cells. Everything is energy, and it is important that every part of your body feel this.


You’ll feel your positivity increase and strengthen in frequency. Your light body will evolve, moving to higher forms, and you’ll feel clearer, more focused, and productive. You might even feel new psychic or intuitive capabilities within your mind. It’s important to keep moving, focusing, and working on these feelings. Don’t let your new feelings overtake you; broaden your mind, not your ego.


What If I Can’t Do It?


Don’t worry. So many ancient traditions are designed with elevating the light body and ascending – think about Nirvana, which in the Buddhist tradition is a state of ultimate liberation from the rebirth cycle. Nirvana is found in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, but even the most ardent practitioners admit it’s incredibly hard to release the mind from the cycle of earthly suffering.


By working towards human ascension and committing to your path, the positive effects are amazing. You won’t be bogged down with negative thoughts, the stress of day-to-day life melts away, and you’ll achieve inner peace. Letting energy flow through you and sustaining your aura means positive health and mental well-being. It might be a long path to human ascension, but inner peace is a blissful effect of your journey.


Human ascension is a tough but rewarding task. The positive mental and physical effects are well worth the effort, and it’s the perfect goal to have when trying to calm and center your mind and spirit!