5 Benefits of Monatomic Copper

Monatomic Copper

Our diets should provide us with enough copper for bodily functions, but these days, many people don’t get what we need from the food we eat. One way is through supplements, and one of these with many reported benefits is Monatomic Copper.

Monatomic Copper is reputed to enhance the body’s use of this element, creating increased feelings of well-being and helping the body do what it’s supposed to do. Here are five of these reported benefits!


Boosting Immunity


Monatomic Copper has a necessary role in the body’s natural healing process; among other benefits, it acts as an immunity builder. It may stimulate the production of red blood cells and maintain nerve cells, both actions that can help the immune system and improve the healing of wounds. Studies have shown that copper can destroy or inhibit the growth of bacterial strains such as E. Coli!

Studies show copper isn’t just powerful inside the body – one animal study from 2015 showed that copper dressings could increase collagen levels in the skin, supporting its reputation for wound healing!


Antioxidant Powers


Copper is an element that can act as a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are necessary because they protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals. These are atoms that lose an electron and become unstable, damaging other cells in the process. They can do a lot of damage to fatty tissue, proteins, and even the DNA in cells. Monatomic Copper may help get this antioxidant into your cells to protect them




Ageing comes from how our cells break down over time, but you can strengthen them to slow this process down! Just like how copper may prevent tissue damage from free radicals damage by scavenging them, it can also accelerate their decomposition and prevent the formation of these harmful molecules in the first place. It works with the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase to protect cell membranes from free radicals. These antioxidant effects could be a key to stopping many of the effects of ageing!


Strengthening Connective Tissue


Monatomic Copper may play a role in maintaining and strengthening your body’s connective tissue. Copper is a necessary nutrient for synthesizing hemoglobin, myelin, body pigment melanin and collagen. It helps protect the sheath of tissue (called myelin) surrounding the nerves and helps produce an element of connective tissue called elastin. 


Increasing Energy


Many people take Monatomic Copper because of how it increases their energy levels. This is because copper is essential for synthesizing adenosine triphosphate (ATP); ATP stores chemical energy from the breakdown of food and releases it to power other cellular processes. Your body uses even the minuscule amounts of copper to keep this ATP in ample supply, and as such, your energy levels. 


Brain Food


Most copper in your body resides in the liver, heart, kidneys, skeletal muscle, and brain. Many users take Monatomic Copper because of how it impacts this last (and most important) organ: the supplement is widely known as a brain stimulant! The trace element accumulates in the brain, and researchers believe copper is essential for the enzymes like dopamine that control neurotransmitters.

Monatomic Copper is more digestible than other forms of copper. Many researchers believe that this makes the element’s health benefits much more effective and bioavailable. Try it for yourself and see how Monatomic Copper can help you!