What is the Torus?


There’s a shape that makes up everything in the universe, that acts as the root of all forms – every atom, cell, person, animal, even the galaxy itself, is at heart, a certain shape. This shape makes up the energy fields within which we all live, and the shape helps maximize energy flow. In fact, the shape means the energy flow is absolutely perfect.

This shape is the torus, and it is immensely powerful at both a human and universal level. It’s nature’s perfect balanced dynamic energy flow process, sometimes known as the Brahma, and it’s the key to good spiritual health.

To picture it, think of an invisible bagel that surrounds you at all times. The axis of the field passes through the crown of the head and out the center of the groin. Everyone’s torus is unique, and directly related to the vitality of the person it surrounds. But people don’t exist in their own personal fields; tori (the plural of torus) take shape around groups whenever they form. And it’s in the interactions of tori that amazing things happen.Torus

Just imagine the feeling of euphoria that comes over people when at a concert, or in a sports stadium. Being with a crowd, you are connected in more ways than just mutual fandom or feelings. The toroidal field is amplified by the sound and vibration that flows through the group, your field growing and connecting with other people’s fields. This causes a deep, spiritual feeling of interconnectedness, and this can help explain why watching events with crowds is such a popular activity.

It doesn’t stop there. The energy fields can create a sort of subconscious telepathy that runs through the crowd, sort of like a personal Wi-Fi connection. The larger the group, the larger the toroidal field, and the more amplified this feeling. All the emotions and feelings combine, grow and feed off each other, and while this can be positive, it also explains the rage and anger that can take over mobs. It’s that powerful of a field.

It can be an incredible experience, but it doesn’t stop with interpersonal fields. Personal tori don’t just get amplified by each other, but also by the environment. From the broadest ecosystem to the tiniest amoeba, all are directly influenced by and directly influence the earth’s atmosphere and all the connected tori. This energy exchange not only means that every thing on earth is connected by the torus, but everything in the universe is too!

It’s something science has measured and mapped, showing how the torus makes up the space in which we live. Surrounding the sun is the heliosphere, in which the planet Earth resides, and the heliosphere is within the toroidal field of the Milky Way. This, our galaxy, is within the field of a black hole that emits the most influential force ever discovered. It’s the Braham flowing out through our galaxy.

TorusIn this way we know that that the personal toroidal field is not just singular, but connected with the Brahma at the center of the universe. Keeping your energy field in great health is not just conducive to personal happiness, but also helps the universe itself. The right Monatomic element can help balance your torus, help conduct the energy flow, and amplify those around you!