What is the Third Eye?

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How many eyes do you have? If your answer to this question is “two”, let me tell you that you are incorrect. Yes, you read it right! We, humans, actually have 3 eyes, with the third eye being the potent source of knowledge we have.

The third eye (also called the inner eye) is an esoteric and mystical concept referring to a notional invisible eye which offers insight beyond ordinary vision.

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In some dharmic spiritual traditions including Hinduism, the third eye is referred to the ajna, or brow, chakra. The third eye is often related to the clairvoyance, religious visions and the ability to perceive out-of-body experiences, precognition, auras and chakras.

Experts believe that the third eye is the most powerful source of instinctive wisdom that when augmented with meditation, provides us insight, intuition and the highest level of intelligence into the present, past, and most importantly, the future.

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What is the purpose of your third eye?

Also known as the third eye chakra, this energetic, pineal gland is located in the high energy field of your body, enabling us to tap into something which we can’t taste, see, smell, hear or physically feel.

This powerful “sixth sense” ability excels our five basic human senses, making it known to us through gut feelings. It is said that our third eye sees the unseen and knows the unknown.

With an increasing acceptance of the unified field theory, more and more number of scientists believe the third eye intuition to be a verifiable, valid phenomenon.


How do you know when your third eye chakra is activated?

Have you ever felt that your loved one was in danger, and minutes later, you got a call to justify your feelings? Have you ever got the strong feeling to wish to look behind you, and when you turned around, your old mate from last office was there in the same shop?

The famous saying, “all you need to know is already contained within,” holds true in the present day and age. And you can develop and harness this ability past levels you have ever thought possible.

Many successful people owe their fortune and fame to developing and trusting the information received from their open third eye.

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So, do we all have a third eye?

Yes. Regardless of your religious belief system or gender, all of us have a potentially powerful and unique third eye chakra. The problem is just many of modern man’s third eyes’ are closed, unawakened or unactivated.

Though there is a good thing for you as well: Meditation is there to help and act as the most effective third eye awakening, opening and decalcification method.

With each meditation session, it naturally shifts your consciousness into the higher states, automatically releasing worries and anxieties from every moment of your life.

And when you unveil this new esoteric dimension, be ready for a more meaningful, conscious, thoughtful and intelligent life to unfold. Good luck!