What Is Monatomic Gold?


Because of how extraordinary our product is, a question we hear a lot is “What is monatomic?” What does the name mean? For that matter, what is “ORME” and how did David Hudson come up with the term?



The word “monatomic” refers to the presence of only one atom. “ORME” is actually an acronym: Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. Monatomic gold is therefore a form of gold that has been rearranged without pairing it to another element to create a new molecule.

Consider the periodic table that can be found on the wall of every chemistry classroom. Many of the elements on this table exist in nature as compounds with other elements – water molecules are one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen, for instance. However, elements might instead be paired with a “twin” – a second atom of the same element; oxygen actually occurs in nature most often as dioxygen. Scientists sometimes call the results of these pairings “diatomic molecules.”




Because of how rich it is in minerals, monatomic gold has a lightly sweet flavour and the texture of chalky water, though it is taken under the tongue in small drops at a time. What makes monatomic gold stand out from other supplementary solutions is its composition. The gold, silver, platinum, and other featured elements have been rearranged on the atomic level to the point of weightlessness. These monatomic elements baffle scientists, as the atoms are so unfamiliar in their lightness that they do not register as periodic elements.

Across centuries of societal restructuring, humankind has lost countless opportunities to be exposed to necessary elements. For example, dietary restrictions and changes to the agricultural industry have made it difficult for us to obtain some forms of vitamin B. Since ancient times gold has been used to enhance cognition – but the modern push to use it exclusively for monetary and cosmetic reasons has left its health potential as an afterthought. Monatomic products rely on a mix of chemistry and classic alchemy to supplement the elements your body has not realized it’s lacking.


How Does It Help?


There are almost miraculous benefits to monatomic minerals. Consuming it brings us into harmony with our inner worlds and the world around us. These products are superconductors and enhance your body’s natural ability to send electrical signals within itself. Your body becomes more balanced, your mind clearer, and your internal functions much smoother. With the restraints of your physical body lifted, you become able to unlock your spiritual potential.