What Herbs Contain Monatomic Gold Naturally?

Many users think that monatomic gold and other elements can only be made through alchemy, but this isn’t the whole story. These important particles are found all around us, including the plants we eat! Research shows that certain herbs are excellent sources of Monatomic Gold, including many popular supplements and remedies. Your favourite or new favourite herb might just have a golden boost!


What Herbs Contain Monatomic Gold?

Monatomic elements are in all herbs, herbal teas, and supplements in some amount. The herbs and herbal extracts containing the highest levels of Monatomic Gold include aloe vera, bloodroot, blue-green algae, burdock root, goldenseal, St. John’s wort, sheep sorrel, and watercress. Colour is often the best sign of how much Monatomic Gold is in the plant, and the highest levels occur in the purple herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Whether grown in the soil or harvested from the sea, these herbs contain these elements based on location. The amount of Monatomic Gold in a herbal supplement or fresh product depends on how and where the plants are grown or collected.

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How Do Herbs Contain Monatomics?

Most people know soil as the base for the roots of the plant, but they get most of their nutrient content from the soil, too! Plants take in important vitamins and minerals through their roots to grow healthy and strong; we then get these nutrients when we eat the plants. Some nutrients that plants need are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Another important nutrient is Monatomic Gold. If the content of this element is high enough in the soil, the levels will come through in the plant. This is why herbs will contain more monatomic elements if they are grown in volcanic soil. Volcanic soil is very high in minerals like Monatomic Gold because these elements occur in this form deep within the recesses of the earth. Volcanoes, these ruptures in the earth’s crust, push them to the surface and spread them in the ash. 

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The plants don’t have to grow right next to a large volcano, though. Ash from an eruption makes downwind fields fertile for years, and this soil is moved by natural and man-made forces. Once it is on the surface, this mineral-rich material stays in the environment for thousands, sometimes millions of years. Plants that grow deep roots pick up more elements, but while many herbs are shallow growers, they can still take in a lot of elements in the proper conditions.


Why Eat Herbs With Supplements?

Monatomic Gold supplements are still the best, but the herbs mentioned are important, too! The small amounts you find in herbs are still utilized by the body, and they can bring a boost to a meal that would otherwise lack these nutrients. Plant sources of Monatomic Gold also come with other important vitamins and minerals, keeping the body healthy and able to use monatomic elements!

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