Can Monatomic Elements Enhance Your Reiki Routine?


All humans have energy fields or life forces that keep us alive. Both reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing therapy, and monatomic elements acknowledge this and work on the body in ways that manage symptoms and improve overall well-being. They might also help stimulate the body’s natural healing energies. But can elements like Monatomic Gold enhance reiki routines?


What Is Reiki?


According to reiki, physical, mental, and emotional issues can occur if subtle energy is low or becomes blocked. The way through this is raising the consciousness of the present and connecting with one’s reiki energy, which may help boost a sense of wellness in various ways. 

“Subtle energy” is formed by the dynamic infrastructure of the body: its electromagnetic wavelengths, rates of vibration, patterns of pulsation. It’s in the name of the practice, as reiki is a combination of two terms: rei means “universal” and ki means “life energy.” 

To raise and redirect this life energy or remove blockages impeding its flow, reiki practitioners will use their hands, placing them on or above the body. As the practitioner moves across the body, their client may experience a tingling feeling or a slight sensation of heat. 

Research suggests that reiki can have a wide range of benefits. In some patients, sessions can help reduce pain, improve mood, and increase a sense of well-being. Reiki may help with feelings of anxiety and depression! Some people even report seeing colours, pictures, or memories; if this happens to you, let them pass without attaching meaning to it. The experiences may deepen and become more profound as you continue with a reiki routine.

For many users, opening up and strengthening energy pathways improves the reiki experience. It’s one way that monatomic elements can enhance the reiki routine!


How Can Monatomic Elements Enhance Your Reiki Routine?


Monatomic supplements are known to release mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks by improving the movement of subtle energy throughout the body. They come from precious elements that alchemists have reduced to a monatomic state, allowing the molecules to take on superconductive, anti-gravitational properties.

As such, monatomic elements can not just complement reiki routines but enhance them, too. By bringing these two therapeutic tools together, a user can stimulate and balance the fields of life energy that surrounds us. It may also bring harmony to the physical and mental structures of the body, helping one feel a greater sense of wellbeing.

Both reiki and monatomic elements don’t require the user to understand everything about subtle energies, chakras, or even what’s causing the obstacles to wellness in the first place. By taking the journey with both options, the user can learn more about themselves and their energies. It can be an exciting journey into one’s mind, spirit, and emotion!

Like reiki, monatomic elements are a non-invasive form of alternative healing. They neither counteract medications nor bring about negative side effects, and both can complement any treatment!