How To Hone Your Psychic Abilities


Psychic abilities aren’t exclusive to a specific type of person. It’s possible to have powers and not know it. In fact, we all have a certain type of intuition in our system – you probably can remember times when you felt an event or communication before it happened, but just shrugged it off as a coincidence. These intuitive events mean you have sensitivity beyond the physical senses. Honing this sensitivity and becoming one with your Spirit will take time and both physical and mental energy, but having the psychic ability is always worthwhile. 


The first thing to do is measure your intuitions and test what comes natural to you. There is no “one” psychic energy – different people are in tune with different energies, and just because you feel different than someone else, doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It’s also important to believe that you can uncover abilities, cast away the negative emotions, and overcome the fears that you might have about the process. Tapping into your psychic abilities is a positive, holistic journey, and the experience getting there should be positive, too.


Once you have determined what type of abilities you have, it’s important to listen to and trust your intuition. Your intuition is the inner voice, and you can’t learn from its guidance until you come to trust it. Meditation and mindfulness exercises can help you give the intuition a louder voice, and in your day-to-day activities, trust it to guide you. Remember that this voice will not be the booming voice of some god, but very quiet and reserved. It’s the opposite of your ego, the overpowering part of your mind, and making it the dominant voice you trust will take time.


Once you feel in touch with your inner voice, it’s time to get in touch with other areas of the spiritual presence. Honing psychic abilities can’t really begin until your mental and spiritual sides are clear and free of negative imbalances. Balancing your chakras, the points at which your physical and spiritual points meet, is incredibly important to starting the process; know the seven points and how you can align them. Balanced chakras also helps clearing your third eye, an important part of the intuitive mind that can provide perception beyond your ordinary senses. Meditation is important to this process, and crystals may help you clarify and amplify that energy as well. Don’t rush the process, because it might be your confidence and ego talking instead of your intuition. Believing in you is not the same as overconfidence.


Once you trust your intuitive voice and believe your psychic abilities are coming to the surface, it’s time to practice! Purchase some tarot or oracle cards, as these tools that can assist you in your readings and help your abilities flow out. Learn other abilities, such as palm reading. It’s true when they say that practice makes perfect.


If you find you have increased psychic abilities, show gratitude to your Spirit. Psychic abilities aren’t just yours – they come from something else, and to be thankful for gaining these abilities means a couple of things. Always ask for permission before giving readings or informing about feelings, don’t abuse the power by looking into someone without their consent, and don’t take people’s money for what you know to be a false or convenient reading. Always remember to communicate with your inner abilities on a daily basis!Psychic


If you are having trouble with the process, find a teacher or authoritative voice you trust. They can help instruct and guide you through the steps and make sure you make positive progress. Don’t buy into a program that requires a constant flow of money from you to the teacher; the process should be mutually beneficial and gratifying. Even if your psychic voice isn’t exactly what you expected, the journey will help you and your Spirit become positive and more balanced.