Five Benefits Of Monatomic Platinum

Monatomic Platinum is one of our most popular supplements, but not because it’s one of Earth’s most precious metals. When taken internally and in a monatomic form, Platinum’s power makes it more important than its material value could ever afford! Here are five benefits you may feel by taking Monatomic Platinum regularly.


Improved Flow Of Energy


The basic benefit of Monatomic Platinum is how it improves the flow of cellular energies. Your body is an incredible bioelectric machine – all messages between cells are sent in the form of signals through the nervous system, monatomic elements can help enhance the body’s “messaging system.” 


Better Connections In The Brain


Users of Monatomic Platinum say that the element has been very valuable for mental function. Monatomic Platinum has been known to connect the hemispheres of the brain, helping them work more harmoniously together. 

With fewer obstructions in the connections, your energy creates a stable equilibrium that can more assertiveness, discipline, and motivation to complete goals. 


Balancing Of The Self


A person whose right and left hemispheres are working together can feel more balanced, more assertive, and more disciplined. Monatomic Platinum is an element associated with balance and harmony – as well as the strength and power that comes with this state of mind! The coordination of the brain’s hemispheres lets your creativity flow, stress melt away, and increase the energy flow that fuels brain waves. 

Monatomic Platinum can build your inner strength, one that equates to your recognition of that true inner beauty. It’s like a fuel that constantly burns within, and Platinum tends to create this expansive reaction within you, giving you an inner thrill and energy that you might not have felt since you were a child. You may not only get a deeper understanding of the world around you – you may get a deeper understanding of yourself!


Improved Immunity


Monatomic Platinum, like other elements, has been known to boost your immune system. It does this by revitalizing the performance of the thymus gland, though some research has found that they can enhance the production of red blood cells and stimulate the regeneration of damaged DNA throughout your body. 

When your immune system gets the energy it needs to create red and white blood cells, research shows you are more ready to fight off bacterial and viral infections!


Ego Reduction


Despite the enhancement of energy flow, the improved connections between the right and left sides of your brain, and the inner strength it may impart, Monatomic Platinum has been known to reduce the ego. It can make us less inclined to cast judgement and be negatively competitive. 

There are so many reported physical, mental, and spiritual benefits behind Monatomic Platinum. Depending on your needs, you may feel its advantages stronger in some areas than others!