What’s So Interesting About The Jade Mineral?


The energizing and healing effects of monatomic elements have benefited many people for thousands of years. But minerals have been able to impart many benefits, and by paying attention to traditions from around the world, we can learn more and include their positives into our lives. 

One such mineral is jade, a popular part of traditional Chinese medicine. Why is this green mineral so well-regarded? 


What Is Jade? 

The stone we call jade is two types of minerals: jadeite and nephrite. The one most people know best is the green jadeite, as it is most associated with the dynasties of ancient China. This civilization regarded jade of all kinds and colours as the “imperial gem,” and their artisans crafted many practical and ceremonial objects with it. This is why jade is an integral part of systems of spiritual balance like feng shui, the harmonizing of energy forces in a home.

More importantly for health and wellness, jade was associated with the soul and immortality – alongside gold, it was a symbol of heaven. In the Qing dynasty, emperors used jade to pull out negative energy or chi. Chinese medicinal tradition holds that jade prevented decay and prolonged one’s life. This is why many artisans crafted the utensils used to make medicine, like spoons and pestles, out of jade – the mineral could pass the virtues right onto the medical compounds. 


The Known Healing Power Of Jade


The ancient traditions of jade lay on a solid foundation. Jade is now known as a cleansing stone that strengthens the body’s innate healing abilities. It carries a light, nourishing energy that can feel very healing, and it is known to be effective at helping the body through lung, eye, bladder, bone, and kidney problems, as well as fluid retention and blood-sugar imbalances. Jade rollers are popular because of these beliefs, and the mineral is incorporated into many spa treatments in China.

Jade is best known for being able to resolve emotional or spiritual problems that could be lowering physical resistance. It is also associated with the Fourth Chakra, the source of spiritual power located in the centre of the heart. The mineral is also connected with water and the astrological signs of Cancer, Pisces, Libra and Virgo. Jade is said to have calming properties, with an ability to balance the nerves and restore the natural rhythm of the heart of the wearer during stress. It purifies the energy field in a way that many find loving, affirming, and wise. You can find jade for sale online from various crystal and holistic healing shops.

Jade supplements aren’t easy to find in ways you can ingest, so a good way of incorporating this amazing mineral into your routine is through vessels. Ingest your Monatomic Gold from a small jade cup or bowl to combine both “symbols of heaven” into one effective supplement!