What Does An Energetic Signature Mean?

Everything that has energy is in constant motion, even though we can’t see it! At an atomic level, this motion shows up as high-frequency vibrations, and these create fields around energetic beings like human beings. These vibrations can show up as patterns of emotions and feelings. Don’t think that these oscillations exist only in the environment around you – the accumulation of this energy also impacts your overall life experience!

This “build-up” is what we call your energetic signature, and it’s very important to who you are and how you handle new experiences. An energetic signature is not something you’re stuck with, though – it’s easy to change!

What Is An Energetic Signature?

People often speak of “having a vibe” or “giving off a vibe,” and though people will often use these phrases in the negative, they have a ring of truth: we all have a vibe. Many believe that people are born into the world vibrating at a certain frequency due to the speed of energy flowing around and through our bodies. Over time, we can feel how this signature impacts emotions, our response to situations, and ideas. 

An energetic signature, then, is the vibrations that make up our essence: who we are and what we think, believe, feel, and value. It’s the accumulation of one’s life experience, and it can take people in the direction of more of those experiences. When we learn new things, meet new people, and have new life experiences, the vibrations that make up our energies change, and the field around us spins at a higher – or lower – frequency.

As you might expect, negative vibrations can lead to negative outcomes. It’s easy to notice how the environment around vibrates at a different frequency when we do no longer – or never did – match the energy of our surroundings. We can feel off, sad, angry, or easily frustrated, and while the reasons can be small, the mental or emotional response can be great. The effects of a negative energetic signature impacts personal relationships, career choices, and how we respond at the moment.

But while your energetic signature is the story of how you became you, it doesn’t have to define who you are as a spiritual being. Here is how you can create positive change in your energetic signature and strengthen it for the future!


Changing And Strengthening Your Energetic Signature

If you’re taking stock and seeing a lot of negativity in your energetic signature, don’t let get you down – you’ve already taken an important step! By becoming more attuned to the patterns of your energetic signature and the vibrations that you give off, you can start making sense of your life experience thus far and acknowledge what’s hindering your spiritual progress. You can then begin to shift these patterns and vibrations that you understand are hindering your spiritual progress.

Because your signature is energy, you can strengthen it by improving the flow of subtle energy through your body. Monatomic elements like Monatomic Gold can help increase vibrations by turning the cells in your body into energy superconductors. Your body, mind, and spirit will become more attuned to the energetic signatures of others, too, and you can reap positive benefits from a stronger connection of the chakras.