Using Monatomic To Support Your New Year’s Diet & Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals

Have you made any fitness resolutions or health goals for this year? The New Year brings many new opportunities, so don’t let your 2021 goals fall by the wayside. Everyone could use a boost when trying to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves, and Monatomic Elements are the right support!

Here are the ways Monatomic elements can support your fitness and dietary goals – as well as how the mental effects can have a positive influence on them. What we describe below are the effects Monatomic Elements have that are identical to every user. However, the individual can experience these effects subjectively – how aware you are, your physical and spiritual states, etc.

Monatomics And Fitness Goals

The ways monatomic elements can impact and help you reach fitness goals is subtle, but you’ll feel it as you start your workouts. Many users add monatomic elements like Gold to their physical fitness plans, and for a good reason. These elements intensify the flow of light quantum and photons in the nervous and meridian systems, and damaged cells or energetic dysfunctions are regenerated (including brain cells). 

Research suggests that they upgrade the superconductivity of DNA, increasing the energy flow between these parts of the cells. More energy means better workouts, an increased likelihood of sticking to fitness plans, and more satisfying outcomes. Clients are very enthusiastic about how Monatomic improves their self-healing powers after a workout, too! 


Monatomics And Diet Goals

Most monatomic elements are what is known as a “juvenescent” – it expands the vital DNA life span. This can have some incredible effects, and one of them is that it’s known to stimulate the cellular system. One effect is the increasing of many user’s metabolisms, helping the body burn unwanted fat. Many consumers add monatomic elements to their regular diet regimen to reach their yearly weight loss goals!

ORMUS also works on the endocrine gland system, and it has been known to energize the thymus, pineal, and pituitary glands, increasing hormone production and reinvigorating the body.


Monatomics And Mental Well-Being Goals

Sometimes you can’t make New Year’s goals without understanding and improving who you are and how you feel. Monatomic elements have helped many users overcome their subconscious worries and better understand their negative energy in overcoming them.

When taking Monatomic Gold, many users feel the initiation of intensive emotional cleaning and stabilization; this improves how well they handle stress and overcome obstacles. People feel more centred and stable, becoming aware of solutions rather than problems. 


Research The Right Monatomic Supplement To Meet Your Needs

Adding Monatomic supplements to your health and wellness goals is simple. They won’t counteract necessary medications or prescriptions, and you can take a dose harmlessly with the carrier we combine the elements with (ionized water). However, different elements have different effects!

For example, Monatomic Iridium and Rhodium work in tandem to improve energy movement through the body – Iridium helps the upward flow of energy through the spinal column, while Rhodium helps the downward flow. This increased energy can improve what users bring to their exercise routines! Dig through Monatomic Orme’s range of elements to see which one works for your New Year’s diet and fitness goals.